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Joe Biden?

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Don't get too used to it.

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What a great story! I've had a major crush on Ms. Hepburn for as long as I can remember.On rare occasions I would see her walking down the street, but never had the guts to approach her. I'm glad you did and had such a wonderful encounter.

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It's St. Patty's day. Everybody is either passed out or eating pussy. I don't drink.

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In many states it is quite easy to register yourself as a donor simply by checking a box on a drivers license, or adding a donor sticker.

Again, thank you for writing this series of articles, and especially sharing your living will for an example.

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Yay for you Boobookitteh. That is all.

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In the future, instead of dragging out old dusty traditions from the hinterland, how about we create our own.
Perhaps instead of the execution, which sounds too final and reminds me of being married, we have a dedicated public humiliation and obedience thread, wheeled out like a guillotine, but with a virtual armoire of punishment and bondage gear (or whatever he correct terminology is).
If the offender survives an evening of verbal abuse and commands by the offended community with grace and repentance, the subject is forgiven, and told to go forth and sin.

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Oh hell yes! Emma is that horrible combination of wickedly smart, hugely talented and devastatingly beautiful! But Michelle Pfeiffer is my more age appropriate.

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This is such a fabulous article and one of the most important things a person should do for their own, and their loved ones piece of mind.

Thanks so much for writing this, and I'm looking forward to the next segment.