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HAHAHA. I guess you're one of the "Gullible people" this article was talking about.

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They're not newsworthy. They're not really a "real" church either. It's just one crazy guy and his cult of an extended family who desperately, desperately seek attention in the worst possible ways. I doubt they even really believe in what they say, but they just want the attention.

I suppose the media pounces on them because it gives us a common enemy. Liberals, Conservatives, Independents... everyone hates them. The only thing keeping them around is free speech and the fact that every single adult member of the family is an attorney. The way they finance themselves to to threaten small businesses with lawsuits for not being ADA compliant, agreeing to drop the charges through "settlements".

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Omigod. I want I want I want I want.

My personal bedroom looks like a Scandinavian woodland.

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You don't even need Gatorade. Drinking as much water as you can muster before you go to bed will prevent hangovers like a charm.

The trouble is remembering to drink your water when you're drunk. When you're so pissed you can't bother to brush your teeth, you're probably not gonna bother with water either.

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Hullo, are you in the Bay Area too?

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In college, I would leave a nalgene bottle full of water on my roommate's pillow when we went out, to make sure she wouldn't get a hangover.

I had the Mother of ALL Hangovers when I went to Burning Man. It was the first night, and I went a little crazy with all the free alcohol... I ran out of water in my camelpak but didn't want to refill at my camp... oh yeah, threw up on the playa (BAD rocktopus! BAD)... And it was in a fucking arid, dry as fuck desert...

Long story short, when I woke up I felt like dying. My hangover was so vicious and horrible that it actually killed my desire to drink or get drunk, to this very day six months later. Seriously, that was the last time I got drunk.

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A while back, I found a random car forum that had a HUGE mega post of pretty chilling ghost encounter stories.!

There's like thousands of posts there, but most of the stories from the first dozen pages are top notch.

Also, this:

There's some pretty scary ones. Protip: Don't fuck with Ouija boards.

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I would've peed myself, to be honest.

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He has such a love/hate relationship with Google/FB. Although, I really don't think he can be one to talk after Gawkocalypse 2011.

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Mmmm... Mel Gibson as Mad Max.

I never got the Sexiest Man in the World thing, but then I saw Road Warrior. He looked so different, it didn't occur to me that it was Mel Gibson until 5 minutes in.