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I see a lot of classic Fox Body Mustang in the first shot, am I crazy?

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Wow--- the "BMW Turbo" --- is that the original Paul Bracq concept car?

And that speedometer? I've never seen a BMW with a linear speedometer like that --- are there any closeups/galleries online with more? Whoa.

Hm, so the M1 shared tail lamps with the 6/7 series?

Thanks LongRoofian!

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Very impressive work. Fun fact: California had a six-year cycle of sticker colors, so eagle-eyed kids (and adults) could start looking for next year's sticker color around Thanksgiving, and already guess what it would be.

They dropped "white" though, because the plates are white now (and terribly boring). So it's a five year cycle now.

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In California, the last general reissue was 1963, and plates stay with the car. There was never a YOM law in California (until very recently) so if you saw a "black plate" or "blue plate" California car, you knew it had been continuously registered in California (or put on non-operative status) the whole time.

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Who'd win in a grudge-match, the 1990-1995 model with the '4DSC' sticker on the rear quarter light [window], or the 1995-2000 model?

[youtube -kDa83EZDrs youtube]

I don't know who he is, but I think I could listen to that announcer-dude's voice forever. (I think he's the same guy as the Apple ''1984'' ad, but I could be wrong.)

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Actually debating whether this might be real or photoshop.

"Invested" .. where in the world does this constitute an "investment"?

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There's some Pontiac LeMans styling going on here, too, isn't there?

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GM cars in california are supposed to have the license plate "14". What happened, didn't they renew their sticker?

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I think it is hitting my screen at actual size.

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As a license plate aficionado, I approve this message.