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I voted for the Targa Truck, because I have a huge soft spot for old Chevy trucks.

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Paging Jerry Hathaway! Would you please pick up the white courtesy phone on level 1-B?

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Love that show!

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Ha! I love it! Because is this case...the "H" in H-Van, stands for Honda!

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Anybody ever try to change a starter on a North Star V8? Yeah, it sucks.

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'nuff said.

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I have a really reliable parts source for my Niva from a fella in Slovakia. So far, I have been able to get every single part that I have ever needed for mine, and at rather great prices too! I recently bought all new inner/outer tie rod ends, a new master cylinder, brake booster, two rear wheel cylinders, two front caliper rebuild kits, rear brake shoes, and a front hub bearing assy., and two ball joints, all for the grand sum of $280USD, and fifty of that was shipping!

So far, the only part that I have had a hard time finding is a windshield, but they are out there. I currenty have one on the way from Germany.

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Great. A refinery is down. There goes the damned electric prices.

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Excellent! I would be lost if I were going this year. I haven't attended since 2008, when I drove my buddy's RHD Dyane to the event. I think back then, it was held adjacent to some sort of museum a few miles from town. It is a sure good time, though. I will for sure be back, hopefully next year.

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Thank you for the salute! And yes, it is probably the same fella. I can't imagine there are too many Citroen resto shops in NJ. ;)

If you happen to travel to the Citroen Rendezvous, in Saratoga Springs this weekend, be on the look out, I am certain he will be there with his crew. I wish I could be there with them, but I am unable to attend this time. Hopefully next year, though!