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Chevy Avalanche, wow, now there's the poster vehicle for that whole era. Macho vehicle for the security moms and NASCAR dads that loved the plastic cladding (even though those bearded hippies at Car&Driver didnt). $50K Chevy was the perfect family car for the $1.50/gallon gas era that looked great in front of your severely overvalued Florida home that you bought with a 5/1 ARM because, hey, the values will go up forever...

Kind of a watershed era for cars. The tipping point towards the SUV'ization of the American roadways, and at the same time the last hurrah of the dominant BOF SUV and large non-premium sedans.

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The US spec GT wasn't very GT at all. Euro spec one with the hot B23E is a bit more when you consider that the base engine was a miserable B19A, basically two liter red block with a single carburetor.

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I say yes - it's a V8 Saab! It'll probably end up being the most collectible one of the latter day Saabs anyways as time goes on.

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They did it to Buick and Pontiac too. At a quick glance the difference between the W and G bodies was available supercharger or V8, foot of overhang and price.

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Its too refined and there's no "3.1L V6" equipped base model.

Aurora is a weird car. How can it seem so fresh and dated at the same time. I've thought about buying these many times, but it all comes down to one thing... it's a detuned Northstar engine. So you get less power for the same mileage, cost, and headaches. Maybe now would be the time to buy the nicest time capsule 1st gen Aurora from some estate sale and start taking it to car shows in a few years.

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Well I still ended up paying 6K for it, which was pretty fair for a dealership price. How good of a purchase was it? We will know the day I get rid of it I guess. I was very impressed how well it drives. The Magnasteer variable assist steering makes it easy to navigate parking lots, but it's not numb on the highway like a Town Car. I wasn't really thrilled with the porth... Ventiports! But they are actually functional and i'll take anything that drops the underhood temps in TX.


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I did go mad and buy it (not at that price though)! The Accords surely were better cars, but those 2003+ "Fat" Accords are least pleasing to my eyes out of all of them and they all seemed to have 150+K miles on them.

The point of the Buick is not that it's fast. The point is that it has a kick ass air conditioner that doesn't give me a headache, and that "GM Solar Ray" glass has some kind of voodoo magic on it which makes it tolerable to be inside the car even in direct TX sunlight. It's a big cushy magic carpet ride to work and back. Maybe the novelty will wear off, who knows, but all I know right now is that it's hellova lot more comfortable than any of my other cars.

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You know, I just bought an '04 Park Avenue Ultra because of those reasons... and massive depreciation despeite being a genuine grandpa driven 1 owner car. Using a 2002 Grand Prix GTP as a point of reference, this boat handles a million times better despite being heavier. I wouldnt say the interior is cheaper as much as it is designed for a completely different clientele.

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Who wants to buy a bunch of old Volvos? I test drove a Park Avenue Ultra this evening and there is a certain appeal to effortless motoring. Unless someone can recommend a better car to buy?

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Happy summer hoons!

I went back to the old country and after spending two weeks driving around in Renaults I came back and decided it's time to upgrade my daily driver to something different. As usual, the quest takes weird turns and what started out as a hunt for Accord coupes led me to a Park Avenue Ultra driven by some OCD case who agreed to every single thing recommended by the dealer service advisor.

10yrs/ 100K on the clock, Negotiations start at $6500, have I gone mad?