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No, I believe you said you didn't understand why abortion/contraception rights were more important than the wage gap. That's what I remember. I was pulling from memory and exaggerating in order to poke fun.

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Well, not dating someone who licks your armpits is just sense.

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I remember because I called him out on it. I looked through my old comments to find the thread.

(you don't seriously think I'm stalking anyone?)

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I even once dated a super hot Liberian chick years ago.

Liberian girls are hot! That's why Michael Jackson wrote a song about them!

(the young girls came out and were marched around with bare breasts!!!!).

I'm not making it up.

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It's not a comedy, it's a tragedy. One of her earlier articles, if you haven't seen it:

"My husband says he'll divorce me if I get fat" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1342630...

I'd like to believe she's a fictional persona, it's less depressing.

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That seems to be the reason for the article. It's really sickening, the point seems to be 'let's all talk about how horribly ugly this garden-variety pretty woman is, take her down a notch.'
And let's also insult any women who look like her, any women who are less attractive than her, and the attractiveness of all the women in her home country.
Let's make it about that, not her staggering ego or pathological level of self esteem.

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The 'first day of your last menstrual cycle' is how it's often counted by medical professionals. A lot like the transvaginal ultrasound, they're codifying common (but in no way universal) medical practices into laws that tell those professionals how to do their jobs.

Because making anti choice legislators happy should be a Doctor's first concern.

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- Gals can like Batman, but guys who like Powerpuff Girls are suspect.
- I'm sure sad there aren't more hot women in the office. They're mostly ug.
- I wish there were more hot redheaded women around on St. Patrick's Day.
- Thread count
- Skinny women are disgusting
- Fat people are disgusting and inferior
- I'd hit it, now don't you feel better?
- Why aren't you focusing on what I think are the important issues facing women. Even though I'm not a woman.
- Those Liberian women sure are fuckable! I even got to see a bunch of hot titties!

- things guys say on crasstalk.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

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It's kind of astonishing. Some of the guys around here really just don't like women or just don't care. (unless we're hot. then they care a lot)
It's demoralizing. You would think it was a human thing, not being demeaned or disdained or treated like breeders.(a lot of men are pro choice because they want to be able to breed without the parenting- has zero to do with women, everything to do with cum dumpsters)
But, apparently if it makes them feel good or makes money, it's all cool and anyone who might be hurt or pissed is just too sensitive and overreacting or denying SCIENCE AND TRUTH.

See what you did? You got me started.