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That is all.

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Life rafts, huh? Underground oceans? Those "Lead Insulated Walls" are going to be an issue.

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"Cryptic complaint about one person that I'm sharing with everyone instead of addressing it with said person"
"Article on obscure and unverifiable site that proves pet hypothesis"
"Trolling for arguments"

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Because all BMW drivers are... What's that?

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I'm torn on this picture.
I hate it when people occupy more than one spot particularly when they park perpendicularly, but I am not as sensitive when they do it at the back of the lot (as shown here) as I would be if it were near the front.
I hate chrome rims, but I love Miatas.
Woe is me!

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The idea that computers would make us so efficient that we would only need to work for 4-5 hours a week! This prediction has come true in the sense that we now accomplish what it took our predecessors exponentially longer, but it has only led to increased expectations about what we should be able to accomplish in a week rather than extend our liesure time.

I took a class my Freshman year of college that focused on the History of the Future; looking at the way previous eras thought that the future would unfold. Fascinating class!

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Dovetailing with audio books, the long form interview has made a dramatic comeback in the form of podcasts. With traditional media, interviews could not last more than a few minutes, but having the ability to download them onto a device and listen while you commute, exercise or whatever means that people's lives and ideas can be delved into in a manner that is more like an intimate conversation at the dinner table rather than quick sound bites.

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I watched this on MSN yesterday and the comments section broke my heart.

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You should check out the Museum of Jurassic History in Culver City, CA if you ever get the chance. They had an entire exhibit of microscopic art. Lots of looking through magnifying glasses at sculptures created in the eyes of needles if I recall correctly. This is in addition to their other collections of oddities.

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I've only seen them in airports.