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My current home came with the entire 1st floor covered in ugly sheet vinyl. The previous owner put Pergo (ugh!) in the living room.

We put cork in the kitchen/dining room.

This was my 1st attempt at laying flooring. After living with it for almost a year, I love it, but realize where I insufficiently prepped the existing floor/slab. There are a few small spots that slab is too low and the floating floor is not resting on it. Makes a slight noise when stepping there.

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Give the money to SpaceX. Musk could fast-track the crew carrying version of their Dragon.

SpaceX's unmanned Dragon has already successfully docked with the ISS on multiple occasions. Let's put the money towards proven technology if we are in a race.

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I didn't know there was another way to solve it!

When moving my Grandmother-in-Law from MN to OH, I found an original in box Rubiks Cube in her apartment. I was mesmerized. After her passing, her family found it in the garage full of boxes and gave it to me. I cherish it, the memories it provides me and proudly display it on a bookshelf with other assorted artwork.

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The Mrs. and I had one in our home in Toledo, as did our best friends. Moved it down to KY and into storage since our then apartment and now house has a permanent dishwasher.

Que six months ago, our best friends portable took a dump. I loaded ours, still languishing in a storage unit, and hauled it up to my BFF as a replacement.

TLDR: I know two families with portable dishwashers.

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Hey that lake is right next to where I work. If I catch the Giant Eel Pig, I'll invite all of us Toasters for an Unagi Roast.

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No 😬:-( Time Warner Cable 15MB. $55
Lexington, KY

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I cut the cord over 5 years ago. Haven't looked back. And I don't subscribe to Netflix streaming or Hulu+. I do get the discs shipped from Netflix or occasionally rent from iTunes.

However, be ready to be out of the loop at the water cooler in the mornings. No TrueBlood, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead or other popular show du jour. Unless your buying it from an online source of your choosing, which kind of defeats the purpose of cutting cable.

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Tower cranes are quite amazing.

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Is this the definition of "META"?!

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I can only assume it was full of asbestos in the floor tile, pipe insulation, window caulk and other places.
Which all needed to be abated prior to its demolition.