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Good! (Except Archie, right? He's legit.)

Also, I meant to say between the beer commercials, of course.

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I am only a Saints fan because I am a New Orleans fan. I'm totally in love with my city, and it's a natural progression. Truthfully I only really started watching the games religiously this year, and I'm still learning some of the more obscure rules. I'm never going to be a stats whore, but I've gained a new appreciation for the sport.

What I'm trying to say is you had better be rooting for the Saints during those beer commercials goddamnit

Also, .


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Alrighty then!

Clockwise, from lower left:
Jag XJ
BMW 5er
Porsche 911
Honda CR-V
Nissan Xterra
Toyota Prius
Lexus ES?
Pontiac Bonneville
Honda Accord
Porsche Boxster?
Nissan Pathfinder
Ford Escape
Chevrolet Silverado
Acura TL?
Saturn SL?
Jeep Cherokee
GMC Sierra
VW Karmann-Ghia??
Saturn Vue
Honda Civic
Toyota Prius
BMW 5er
Toyota Corolla
a tree

Center rows, clockwise from bottom left
Honda Civic?
Lexus RX
Toyota RAV4
Dodge Dakota
Honda Element
Ford Focus?
Honda Odyssey
Toyota Prius
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Mercedes-Benz S-class
Mercedes-Benz ML
Acura CL??
Audi A4?
Fiat Cinquecento (!)
BMW 3er??
Honda CR-V
Ford Ranger
Ford Mustang
Honda Civic
Lexus RX?
Ford Explorer
Honda Accord

Guesses with a ?, wild guesses with ??, and I had no idea on that there one.