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Where is the media investigation on how Track Palin's stint in the military was the shortest of any enlistee for the past 10 years?

The military isn't letting any able body leave after a year or two. In fact they're forcing seriously injured soldiers stay until their bodies and minds are completely collapsed. Probably some incident that any other soldier would be court martialled and locked in the brig for a long time.

(BTW Track's best friend from Wasilla is on trial in Washington State this week for killing Afghan civilians, taking obscene photos with them, and collecting body parts.)

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Putting politics aside, are there any public figures more repulsive in every way than Newt Gingrich?

Hideous face, morbidly obese, braying voice, narcissistic know-it-all, open racist, hypocritical moral scold. It's widely known he served divorce papers to his first wife while she was in the hospital for cancer. Less reported, he asked for a divorce from his second wife the week she was diagnosed with MS, citing her appearance as a disabled person the reason. He wasn't going to stay married to a woman using crutches or a wheelchair!

Why is he not universally shunned? Who actually enjoys his company? I assume the women he sleeps with have some horrific childhood trauma compelling them. He must hold blackmail material on the people in the media(David Gregory of Meet the Press) and Republicans who keep pushing him. Andrew Breitbart is easily avoided. Charlie Sheen was once attractive and charming in the movies(if not in real life). Dominique Strauss-Kahn is awful but who knew of him before Saturday? Donald Trump is almost as bad as Newt but for some reason appeals to television viewers dazzled by his money. Who is worse than Newt Gingrich?*

*Not counting mass murderers, sex offenders, other criminals who are public figures for their crimes. I meant politicians, celebrities, media figures, CEOs etc.

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The Awl has an interesting piece this morning about the Wikileaks defectors.

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When is he going to drop that Bank of America(or whoever) harddrive? Guess we'll have to wait until the sex charges are resolved.

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There was a movie filmed last year in Seattle about a home invaded by raccoons. Even starring Tobey McGuire. Controversy because the film crew left the home looking like a raccoon invasion. Who knows if it will ever be released.

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I deleted from my original comment that I had heard mixed stories about LD. I've never heard a nice story about Seinfeld or his wife (or David's ex-wife). There may be some out there.

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I love the shows Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I wonder about people who are surprised that Jerry and Larry are assholes most of the time in real life.(see comments in yesterday's post about Jon Stewart) Creators of the two most misanthropic TV shows of all time? Who'd guess?

I suspect Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are close runner ups.

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I bought the Nutrasonic, a ~$100, version of the Clarisonic, and love it! Works as EN says, your skin will be substantially clearer and fresher, no more crud clogging your pores. Like going to a facialist every week. However a couple of notes about these brushes(based on the experiences of myself, family, and friends):

1. Twice a week is usually enough. More often dries out and scrapes your skin, though others may find more works for them. Everyday is too much.
2. Buy a plain moisturizer that you can afford to apply 2-3+ times a day. (For me Oil of Olay sensitive skin is good enough.) Your skin will soak it up and feel wonderful. I use a better tinted moisturizer instead of makeup, for going outside.
3. If you have rough or "orange peel pore" patches on your arms( or other places) its gentler and works better on those patches. The "super pores" went away instead becoming inflamed red dots that other exfoliators previously recommended left. (A really bad sunburn cured them for a couple years but not recommended).

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Love Love Love Kinky. And you're right fantastic live(seen 4x). Though the video focuses on the singer, the entire band is muy muy sexy.

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The other one, Jay McInerney.