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Baby, you rule! It's Chisinau alright--pronounced, "Kee-she-NO." (Last syllable pronounced exactly as "no!" in English.) And don't you worry, most Romanians think former USSR Moldavs are like, retaraded. Am sure the feeling is mutual..

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I would never object to a woman making her own way in the world. Come ON, you do know that when I said "carreerist bitch" I did mean that half-admiringly. What gives me a barfy taste in my mouth is this idea of using men, manipulating them, to advance one's agenda. That's lame in our age. It wasn't lame in Chanel's age--she didn't really have any other options. But Gaga goes. Ugh. I can't believe I'm drawing a comparison between these two. Gaga would be so la-de-da flattered, the lame-o that she is..

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Thank you for the sweet words. I like Gaga in only one sense--she's a very plain-looking woman who's elevated herself by sheer force of her conniving. I hesitate to use the term "talent," but I think I'm mayhaps being a bitch about it. Yes, she's talented. I just happen to be reading a Coco Chanel biography right now--and she reminds me so of Coco. Opportunistic, utterly relentlessly careerist bitch. Like Coco, Gaga is not a so-called classically good-looking woman. Not that I necessarily disprove of that. It's just the whole idea of.. women using men, and making themselves into things that certain men approve of, to advance their careers.. A bit barfy, no?

That's what all the Louis XIV appointed courtesans did, but one would have hoped that by the 21st century we'd have moved past that cheap trick.. I mean, we have successful pop singers like PJ Harvey in our decade. Females who did their freaky, freakin' thing and did not compromise. As such, my respect for Gaga's achievements is null.

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Your posting confuses me. I loathe Gaga. She's a hideous poseur with no talent to back up her act, et caetera. She revolts me. REVOLTS me. What also REVOLTS me is the swiftness with which this LOW-CLASS bitch is CAPITALIZING on her fame. CHEAP WHORE. As Don Siegel immortally said, "Baby, if you're gonna be a whore, you oughtta be a high-priced one." She does not get that, the dim bulb.

Her endorsement of any commercial brand is, if anything, a warning flag to me. I.e., I'd make a point to NOT endow any brands she supports with my personal moneys.

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Oh yeah? Capital of the Republic of Moldova. (No Google, obvs.!)

(I know this one by default, cuz I'm Romanian.)

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=(!!! I'm sorry! Stupid memory--I to this day remember that the capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat, and that of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, or Ulan Bator, and also remember from watching that ridic, supremely entertaining blood diamond Leo deCaprio movie that the capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown, but I got SLAYED on Central America.

BOO!. =( But! I know more than most about Central America from Michael Palin's "Full Circle" book, whereby he circled / trans-crossed (?!) the Pacific and hit all of these countries..

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I have a post I could write about hanging out with the singer from the Offspring at his house in Orange County. I also have a post I could write about doing coke in 2005 with an A List star. For $10K or a SmartCar. What?! Like, I was gonna be a traitor for free? =)

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I Pan-ama your pun! I Costa Rica your chica! (See, I've already given up here..)

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Darling, we all have petty frustrations in this life. One of mine is that nobody else except for ME, oh ME, --glorious me! and my best friend--truly gets John Malkovich. Oh, you terrible, brainless world: How much you're MISSING out on!

Point being: Let is sail.. Do not agitate yourself over things of no consequence. (I do not follow my own advice. Obviously.)

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..I've got a good one: Capitals of Central America!

I was conversing with my bus driver today--this & that, that & this, we laughed about how the robot lady voice that comes on and says, "Approaching El Camino & Castro" sounds much sexier in the Spanish version than she does in the Anglo version..

Anyway, he asks me where I''m from, and I tell him, and then I ask him where he's from and he says "El Salvador," and I really want to impress him by mentioning the capital of his nation, but I'm drawing blanks. My mind screams, "Tegucigalpa," but I'm like, "Shut up, b*tch, that's Honduras!"

I was in real agony for a few good minutes, because I used to RULE at CAPITALS of the world in my teens. I memorized all of them, including Lichtenstein & Andorra. Damn.

I let myself down today.

PS: OF COURSE, it came to me the moment I got off the bus: SAN SALVADOR. I truly suck.