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Ha! He knows a lot about animals, but still has a lot to learn. It would be great if there was a real animal care boot camp, but I bet no one would attend because everyone thinks they know how to care for animals properly even if they don't.

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Very annoyingly true. I've considered making a t-shirt that says "It's not the dog's fault, you're the human."

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I've given up trying to change that and just let him know that things will get very ugly for a long time if my dogger gets hit by a car because he wasn't paying attention. Whoa. Breathe. I'm getting upset just thinking about it.

We considered an electric fence, but we are in the process of building an actual fence. :) For now, she's in the house and gets walked on a leash or gets to run around the yard when someone is outside watching her. Or when someone is *supposed to be* watching her. I may resort to supergluing a leash to his hand so he has to use it. Grr!

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I've never had a dog get hit by a car mostly because I'm so terrified of it happening. I was scarred for life after my neighbor's cat got hit when I was a kid. M. Poulain had several dogs get hit by cars when he was a kid and I can't imagine how he didn't become freakish about protecting them from it happening again after the first time because he LOVES his pets. To be fair, he grew up on a small farm next to a busy road with farm fences better for keeping horses contained than dogs. That may be why he seems to think that it can't be avoided. Like it's just a shitty fact of life. Obviously, I disagree and believe it can be prevented even if it's kind of a lot of work.

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This is such a great post! Especially the part about why you may not be able to adopt a pet. Every dog you've ever had got hit by a car? I'm sorry, but that's your fault. Keep your dog inside or behind a fence and take them for a walk when they need it. My husband needs to read this post. He always lets my mini daschund out and then forgets to watch her (we don't have a fence) and she loves to hang out by or in the street. Things will never be the same between us if he lets her get hit by a car.

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Gossip! Hooray! This was the only thing I was missing about TSTSNBN and now it's here!

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Three things:

1. I was initially blinded by the gorgeousness in the above photo

2. Angelie Jolie makes CZJ look kind of average. I didn't think that was possible.

3. Michael Douglas head!

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Well ok, but a reporter and cameraman filming something illegal happening independent of themselves would be different than the cameraman filming the reporter bashing a dog's head in, right?

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I know. It doesn't really make sense. If they don't get caught abusing the animal, then it's OK to sell the DVD? Or is the DVD evidence of animal abuse that can then be prosecuted? Are they allowing people to record themselves performing a criminal act and then prosecuting them based on the evidence? Stupid.

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Why would they want to decriminalize this and why is Justice Alito the only dissenter? Of course this is going to encourage animal abuse. It's not illegal anymore.