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They visit homes for the elderly, they knock on the doors of the elderly to coerce them into giving them their postal vote, this is unethical and illegal yet they do it with impunity, the muslim block vote is also something that needs to be looked at, it is illegal to coerce or order someone to vote in a certain way, muslims are told who to vote for, not only is this aspect of the muslim block vote ignored but we now see the conservatives trying to get this block vote.

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X = Feel good, it should be called the feel good factor, it makes the brain dead zombies feel good while they are being led into the abyss, the same can be for the other programs mentioned by Screaming mad, unfortunately I have no idea what we can do to snap our people out of the trance they are in, its gonna take one hell of an alarm clock to wake 20 million people up.
If or when we do get our county back on the right track winston churchill's words will ring just as true as they did during the first battle of Britain, "Never have so many owed so much to so few".
keep up the good work GA.

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Well done Marlene, we are all very proud of you !

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Don't worry Mr Mad I won't tell anyone you stole the trophy cause you couldn't win it fair and square..... oh well you are a southerner.... I suppose its to be expected really,.....LOL,

see you at the Christmas Lectures mate .


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Send the article and details of the facebook group to em Wellard,, if they report it I'll find out if someone tells me about it, last time I bought a paper Lady Diana was still alive,,,


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I have posted an article on the Black Country Patriot giving my opinion of the QT program :-

Nick Griffin knew full well he would be putting himself in the lions den when he agreed to go on question time, it was blatantly obvious to see that the audience had been hand picked, everyone in that studio was baying for blood, but Nick bravely faced all of this in order to speak up for the silent majority and he gave as good as he got.

When the holocaust question was asked, Nick was smiling at the "question" not the "subject", the fact that he was asked what he was smiling at just goes to prove that everything he said and did, even his facial expressions were being scrutinised in a desperate attempt to show him in a bad light.

This morning the lying gutter press are tumbling over themselves to put Nick Griffin down, it is now plain for all to see that they certainly don't like to see a politician standing up for the British people, I sincerely hope you don't buy any of these rags.

The British National Party is here to stand up for the indigenous British people,the indigenous british in fact the whole of western european people have light coloured skin and as a consequence of this it would be impossible to stand up for the indigenous British without having to stand up for people with light coloured skin, it is the Lib/Lab/Cons that discriminate between skin colour not the BNP, if the Lib/Lab/Cons ever realise this fact they will probably accuse nature of being racist.

To qualify as an asylum seeker you have to take refuge in your nearest safe country, asylum seekers in this country have traveled through several safe countries in order to get here, by their own actions they have made themselves bogus asylum seekers, yet Baroness Warsi proved that she and the conservatives are completely oblivious to this fact when she said there is no such thing as a bogus asylum seeker.

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The reason we're NOT a mongrel breed, is because all western europeans are of the same stock as us, over the years western european Caucasian peoples have invaded Britain and settled here, this does not make us a Mongrel breed, I may be wrong but I think Simon was referring to this when he said he has more in common with western europeans.
I agree with you about asking us to grass on each other, I certainly don't like that, but I do have strong reservations about the EDL, here is an article I recently posted on my blog :-

Successive Labour and Conservative Governments are responsible for multiculturalism and mass immigration, they forced it onto the people of this country without even asking anyone wether they wanted it or not.

We now have Islamic extremists organizing demonstrations, demanding that we convert to their way of life, there will be such a demonstration in London on the 31st of October demanding that this country implements sharia law.

These muslims have been invited to this country by successive Labour and Conservative Governments, it is the Lab/Cons and they alone that are responsible, they created these problems, the blame lies full square with them.

If the establishment or Lab/Cons haven't engineered, formed, manipulated the "English Defense League" (EDL) I for one will eat my hat, the EDL are an absolute God send for the Lab/Cons, they can now use the EDL to take the spotlight away from the fact that it is they who have caused these problems in the first place, the media now has the very easy job of blaming the EDL for the problems, has anyone else noticed how the EDL have come from nowhere and suddenly been built up and put in the spotlight by the media.

There are people that have been taken in by the Lab/Cons English Defense League, what I say to these people is stay at home and don't go to the demonstrations in London, direct your anger at the real trouble makers, the real guilty people the Lab/Cons

Just imagine a scene in London where the only people causing unrest and mayhem are the muslim extremists while everyone else in Britain is staring at the Labour party and their Conservative allies saying "You created this problem, what are YOU going to do about it".

It is NOT the job of the British people or any other organization to sort these problems out, it is the job of the Lab/Cons, they caused these problems let them sort it out.

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Yet another excellent post my friend, will the spineless Lib/Lab/Con alliance ban these disgraceful books or will they meekly submit to their Islamic friends, lets wait and see shall we.

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The reaction of the police concerning attacks like this, gives the impression that they are deliberately trying to make people angry, add to this the fact that the press and media have ensured that the EDL are up and running and in the spotlight just in time for the muslim demonstrations in London, could it be that the "powers that be" are trying to engineer civil unrest, with civil unrest they would be able to impose marshal law, with marshal law democracy would be put on hold, they would be in total control, I bet they'd love that to happen before the elections in May 2010.

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They "Demand" that we respect their culture while they totally and utterly disrespect ours.