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Does anyone know how Humperdink got to be selected to represent the UK .. .. ?
Was it the bbc that selects the contestants .. .. ?

And does anyone know whats up with the BNP website which seems to have been down
for nearly two days now . . . .

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So is this actually a film that wasn't made by israeli hollywood cinema merchants . . .

Unlike all the propaganda crap they feed us on their television "programs " . . ??

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I dont think its ever been so difficult for a Soldier to fight . . as now in Afghanistan . .
when they are not properly supported . . and our own treacherous politicians
are committing blatant treason against their own Nation . . .

Corporal Evans

Corporal Evans two one nine
Stepped upon a helmund mine
A soldier in the line of war
No longer with us any more
And many will there be who weep
For heros wrapped in deathly sleep

He could have been a friend of mine
Or maybe even one of yours
If you had crossed to foreign shores
Where desert sands are windblown high
And alien suns light up the sky
Above a cross that tells no lie

But what use now to reason why
A silhuette against the sky
As drifting clouds go dreaming by
Is almost like a flower sigh
And tears that fell and slowly dry
Can yet not say why he should die

So ask not who the bell tolls for
Or who the badge of honour wore
The names that from our ancient lore
Still call as through an open door
And speak of many many more
Who fell and died in foreign war . . . .

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The website of Ernst Zundel . . who spent five years in a german jail for daring to
question the holocaust . . .

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Well said Grumpy . . the new world order was already well underway by the time of the russian
october revolution in 1917 . . as you and many others point out it was mainly driven by elements
within the politically involved jewish classes . . both those present in russia and also others
elsewhere . . .
I believe the " protocols of the learned elders of zion " date back to just before the october revolution
in 1903 . .

Interesting I think to try and trace back just how far the concept of the new world order originated . . .

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Not to put too much of a fine point on it .. and to cut a long story short ..
The answer to your question .. " Why all talk and no action".. is that the game is RIGGED ..
The agenda is there .. the fix is in .. the deal is done .. many eons ago ..

The american political economic system has become a finely controlled mechanism .. owned and
controlled by the very same people who control the american federal reserve and therefore the
international financial system and stock markets ..

Period . . . .

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I don't think there's any doubt now that what many of us have suspected for a
long time is horrifyingly true . . namely that the BNP is shot through with
professional Infiltrators . . sadie graham and matt single were just two of them . .
others continue their work of destroying our party from within. . .

They always attack Nick Griffin after gaining his trust . . smear the innocent . .
betray the Activists . . and manipulate us by spreading rumours . .
Smearing and challenging the leadership with a breakaway group in order
to split the BNP were the tactics adopted by sadie graham and matt single . .
no doubt they had expert guidance and advice..!!

Pointing the finger at suspects without proof will likely make things worse . .
It is desperately important that the BNP does not descend into the chaos
of mutual recriminations and back stabbing so beloved of infiltrators where
they are on home ground.

The danger as I see it is that any new initatives to get us out of this mess
will be vulnerable to hijack by paid infiltrators or incompetents who have
succeeded in penetrating the circle of advisers around our Chairman . .
The same cycle of events will then repeat ad infinitem until
the BNP is destroyed ..

So where do we go from here and where do we find the kind of intelligent
articulate people with integrity who could form the basis of a steering
committee to be part of any effort to make the BNP function properly once more ??
People who the membership could truly trust ??

Apart from those activists who are known to be loyal to Us I can think of only one
place . . and that is from among the ranks of Us who post our comments
here and on the main BNP website . . and have done so for a number
of years .. I believe that those with the right qualities can be recognized
by the way they write and what they say . .

Writing from the heart is not easily counterfeited ..

We are at the crossroads now with not much time left ..
There is no room for the wrong people at the top ..
And there is no room for mistakes ..

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Looking forward to hearing you speak tonight Paul . . . .

It will be interesting to hear your comments about our present situation regarding the leadership . . .

Personally I don't think we have anyone yet who can replace Nick Griffin and represent the BNP
to the Nation . . . . .

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I would think there is a hell of a lot more than just one infiltrator terence . . .

Problem is . . how many and who they are . . we desperately need a new
group now to take things forward . . perhaps including Nick . . a new group
made up of people with the necessary intelligence and integrity and a track
record of unselfish contribution to the BNP . . .

May I suggest to everyone that some of the posters here and on the main
site who have made great efforts for a number of years would
make excellent candidates . .!!

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Nice one Bodica ... as always .. keeping it real ..

If you have time I would be interested to read more of your thoughts on
Blue State Digital's nefarious activity ...
Your detailed knowledge of whats going down in the global elite bankenburger scene is
second to none within the BNP as far as I am concerned .. and I'm quite sure that many here
learn much from your posts ...

power to your elbow ...
lolz ..