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All I can say on this matter is, SHAME, he and fellow patriots did a lot of hard work in Barking & Dagenham untill NG stuck his now in and lost the lot !

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A lot of HARD WORKING patriots attended this meeting and were turned away, just why was that Nick Griffin?

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I have made several suggestions and comment s on various websites, blogs and forums, I suggested NG should stand down as leader and even remain Chairman if thats what the members wanted, but we need to inject fresh idea's and have a new leader that can bring us further forward and untill that is done then I will NOT be renewing my membership !

P.S. And for the people that now regard me as a traitor and a nonce, all I say is Stuff You! You called yourselfs friends??? Hold your heads in SHAME!

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Like the pic of Odin and his pipe, but rugfish did you have to expose my girlfriend? LOL :p

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Sick and disgiusting, but all the norm in the islamic world !

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Great aticle Brother, keep up the good work !

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Who's the DADDY?.............lol Great Quiz last night, chuffed to bits I was :p

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Denis Rest In Peace, fellow patriot. You will be sadly missed and a great loss to the party. I sincere condolences to the family in this difficult time.

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The website looks bloody GREAT, well done all those involved, keep up the good work !

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I think you should name the accusers, then we can speak out in defence of the GREAT work of this site, its writers etc etc. I cant think of any other site thats supports the party and British patriots in the same way as this one does, keep up the GREAT work !