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Who are the barm pots that issue such ridiculous instructions? They are so blinded by political Correctness that they cannot see that such lunacy actually creates a good deal more ill feeling than already exists. To think some clown actually gets paid for this rubbish merely adds insult to injury!

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Absolutely unbelievable. This would never have happened even as recently as 15 years ago. The sheer lunacy of the situation beggars belief. Is it any wonder the great British public have lost all faith and confidence in the Police. I suspect it wasn't the officer on the ground who made the decision, no doubt the order came from on high. If ever there was an example of PC lunacy then surely this is it.
Do the Police really have such an abundance of officers and resources that they can afford to spend time investigating such petty nonsense?
One has to wonder whether those appointed to senior positions in the force have lost the plot completely. I'll bet a weeks wages they were fast tracked graduates fed on a dose of wishy washy Liberalism and Leftist ideology. What we need is some good old fashioned Policing, where common sense was used, and priorities given to more serious matters.
I do believe there is a definate agenda here, the only question is, how long before the people of Britain say enough is enough.

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Just when you thought the mess our country is in couldn't get any worse, this happens! Absolutely incedible and a damning indication of the depths to which our once proud country has sunk.
I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, after all this lunacy has already been applied to the Police and security services so why not the armed forces?
Heads should roll over this, but I will bet my last penny they won't.
Nelson must be spinning in his grave right now. You really could not make it up!

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Glad it's not just me who's noticed this. Guess who the real masters at this are? Yes, good old BBC!
We have a game at home, how long into a programme or broadcast before you can tick all the PC boxes. Trust me it doesn't take long!

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Just when I thought I had seen it all! The country really has gone to the dogs. Ask yourselves this: Why is it it that we have to bend over backwards for them, but they refuse to bend at all for us? Think about it!

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The world has gone raving mad! Emily Pankhurst must be spinning in her grave.

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I have many happy memories of London in the seventies. I was shocked and appalled at what I experienced in London a few months ago. It is certainly not the City I remember, and at night I did not feel safe on the tube, or walking the street. Other great Cities are fast going the same way.

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A disgusting & sickening legacy of this governments total reckless contempt for our childrens safety.
All this was predicted and warned about, but nothing was done. Hang your heads in shame you politicians who have done nothing to prevent what was predictable and preventable.

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Absolutely disgusting. The contempt for the British citizen by this traitorous government beggars belief. Their complete lack of action despite all the warnings they were given simply proves that this is all part of the plan in the destruction of the U.K.
I have said it before, and at the risk of boring everyone I will say it again, this government have imported crime and disease on a massive scale, putting our young and old alike at great risk. Shame on them all.

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A frightening and totally predicted statistic which should be a wake up call to those who think everything in the garden is rosy. well it is not, and it is going to get a whole lot worse as the LibLab Con have absolutely no intention of doing anything about it. The only hope for the country is a BNP government, with BNP policies.
Decades of inaction have left us perilously close to destruction, all the signs that we are to be Islamified are there for all to see. Those that do nothing and say nothing are traitors to a man, or woman.
We have made huge progress so far against all the odds, and a biased media in the pockets of the government.
Despite all the attempts at vote rigging and dirty tactics, we now have 2 MEPs.
We must not be complacent however, we have to succeed or the Battle For Britain will be lost.
Failure is too awful to contemplate, already whole areas of my City are not recognisable as being in Britain. I want a future for my children, not this hell hole of Labours sick creation.