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Steve you were a credit to our beloved party. Calm, professional, firm, fair, clear and concise. Class.

See you on the campaign trail.

Ben Merton and Wandsworth

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Hey PeteB, I am pretty sure he hasnt left for SA - he was guest speaker at our Merton and Wandsworth branch meeting a few weeks ago and said nothing to me about it bud.


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All the very best for the future Bob, genuine thanks for all your hard work towards the nationalist movement. See you at a meeting or campaigning in the future no doubt

Ben, Merton and Wandsworth

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I will attend Chris, i am a 6 year member from MErton and Wandsworth branch.

I am not working that day. Can i just turn up at 9.50am? OR do i need to sign in or register etc???



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Well done "First Time Voter" and thank you for pledging yur support and seeing through the facist LibLabCon governed mass media.

Nice one fellow patriot

Ben, London

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Nice one DAVE, good man.

Ben, London

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Donated another £50 purely to make myself feel 1% better about that cherry picked commie audience. So transparent. Simon you did a superb job and i am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

Ben, London

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i am proud to say that i have stayed in since 4pm this afternoon looking forward to this online broadcast, the British resistance continues at a pace. Excellent campaign footage BNPTV!!


Ben, Merton and Wandsworth Branch

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Welcome aboard "Wiser-Now" - the truth always gets through in the end.

The facist lib-lab-con alliance lies are starting to ware very thin, wonderful stuff!!!

Ben, London

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For people that have not leafleted and who want to, but are concerned by the potential response from brain washed people on the doorstep - seriously don't be put off.

In the last 2 months i have personally delivered approx 2000 leftlets in enriched London and i have had a grand total of 2 negative responses in total in contrast to the many MANY thumbs up and thank you's from decent honest people.


Ben, London