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The press are going out of business very quickly and the implosion of sales for the gutter rags has been discussed in Parliament. The vast majority of journalists and almost all female journalists, are man haters, pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-white and anti-British.

They sometimes pretend to be outraged by the EUSSR and immigration but attack anyone who tries to oppose this wickedness.

They promote homsexuality for some reason and sell it as an ideal and also as something to be fearful of if you are normal. They celebrate the planned destructioin of boys education by laughingly informing their female readers, most of whom have sons, that 'the future is female'. They deride anything British that is a success etc....and then they wonder why people will no longer pay for their filth.

British journalists are the ones who should be oppressed but let them go out of business first.

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Not white, or not British I would think.

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The journailsts we have today are identical in nature to those who terrorised Jews in Nazi Germany. If you looked throughout the world at any given time, in countries where the persecution of certain groups is approved of by the state (as Cameron approves of the fascist violence of his group uaf), you will not find the violent profession of journalism far behind.

Journalsm has its reputation as the most vile of professions deservedly. Journalists specialise in invading and destroying the lives of innocent human beings, whilst attempting to present themselves as the champions of the downtrodden. Hypocricy isn't a big enough word for these sub-humans.

Given a choice between disappearing the British press and Westminster, I would get rid of the press first. The women are even more violent than the obnoxious males. No wonder the nuj has to issue booklets on bullying within this parasite profession of marxist retards.

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It will collapse before it is complete and the maniacs trying to destroy our countries, our cultures, our identity, history and heritage, must be rooted out of their lairs at the end, Sadam style and have nooses tied around their scrawny necks for the people to jeer at as they jerk, convulse and then hang lifeless.

These people are evil beyond comprehension & execution is the only fitting end to their megalomania.

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I believe world war three is beiong stoked and when the inevitable mass violence erupts, I believe the high ranking scum of Westminster, a few top civil servants and the media scum who have engineered this will depart for the battle ships and await the outcome from the relative safetey of the sea.

As for the 'grunts on the ground' left behind from these contaminated and morally bankrupt professions, their fate will be decided by us. But you can see this coming.

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I think I can safely speak for most Britons when I say, I don't give a shit if Muslims are offended by our culture. I am aghast at some of their cultural differences but in their own countries they can do as they please and by and large I couldn't care less.

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You would think with their high educational attainment, Jews would have the intelligence to realise that true to form, their supposed representatives have left them for dead, both figuratively and literally if this continues much longer.

Where is the Jew in the street? Dumbed down, intimidated and thoroughly whipped is my guess. Mixed in with the rest of us the Jew in the street is just more trash to the white haters of the media. The archetypal Jew in his commonly accepted role as the universal victim is still trotted out at moments of convenience and held aloft as a trophy by the scum press though. They would have us all believe that they have Jews interests at heart whilst they warn of the dangers of nationalism.

If Muslims win their campaign against freedom and democracy, which is running alongside the media's own hate campaign against Great Britain, that they take care of journalists first. I'd tear the shirts off these traitors to expose the backs of their necks given half the chance.

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Irish nationalism is ridden with marxists and their support of mass immigration and the dilution of the Irish people would suggest that they are not nationalists at all but traitors, similar in nature to Plaid. I wonder how much the EUSSR bribes them to betray their fellow countrymen.

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The common ground is that we have a universal enemy in the man hating, white hating, heterosexual hating, abortion loving, family hating, society hating, shit stirring, lying feminazi/communist media.

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The Andrew Marrs of this world should be demonised and ridiculed at every opportunity.

A campaign of civil disobedience should be considered and perhaps the ideal time to launch such a campaign will be in 2012 when the eyes of the world will be on the third world city of London. Formerly the capital city of England, this heaving shithole can be shown to the world to be a disasterous monument to marxist social engineering when the Olympics hit town.

No doubt the communist liars of the bbc will be heading the Government's glossy presentation of London as a multi-cultural paradise. It is up to us to disabuse the world of such Soviet style propaganda, find the TV journalists from countries hostile to Westminster and give them the real lay of the land. Step forward Roger Phillips and co.