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Yes, the climate changes. It always has and always will, and the climate will do whatever it wants to without any need for a "manager". Nottingham, my home town, used to be conspicuous for its blunt dismissal of this kind of trendy nonsense. Sadly, the disease of cultural marxism appears to have infected even this former bastion of common sense.

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How ironic that the attacked reporter was from the so-called "Independent", a staunch defender of "enrichment" and serial abuser of the BNP. What better evidence could there be that appeasement does not work.

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Nick's campaign in Barking even made the Aussie TV (SBS channel) last night. Nick looked good, and the squirming little Hodge woman had nothing to contribute except some stock-standard smear against the BNP. Well done, Nick. Your message is spreading around the world.

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Good onya cobber. You little beauty!

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Pathetic! But then scared people do stupid things.

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Nulabour is committed to leveraging exceptional community resilience against violent extremism, in a non-racist, non-sexist, equal opportunity environment reflecting global best practice in delivery of anti-extremist services. The nationwide network of extremism assessment, monitoring and terrorism reduction committees will work in accordance with a comprehensive programme of goals and targets, key performance indicators and delivery metrics, reviewed bi-monthly at week-long residential workshop sessions facilitated by professional performance and human resource optimisation consultants. The community resilience committee network has created exceptional employment opportunities for otherwise useless champagne socialist drones with worthless degrees from second rate so-called educational institutions......

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Former Tory voters like myself feel utterly betrayed by left-wing PR man Cameron. He has betrayed the roots of his party, just as Brown and Blair betrayed the original labour principles of Keir Hardie. Tory or labour makes no difference, they are all a wasted vote.

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Would that be a "Street Theatre Coordinator" at 120,000 per annum, or maybe a "Graffiti Appreciation Training Officer", "Youth Break Dancing Coach", "Anti-Nuclear Inspection Manager", or "Global Warming Remediation Assessor"?

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The BNP has shown enormous restraint in steering clear of street demonstrations and confrontation. This wise policy is bearing fruit, as yet another enemy of the nation and the BNP starts to panic, lose discipline, and go to pieces. The traditional British values of discipline, duty, and quiet determination may be unfashionable in today's degraded world, but the BNP is showing that they are still powerful tools.

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Whenever there is treachery and treason going on, you can bet that someone is making money out of it.