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Go back to the World of Warcraft forums troll.

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Thank you Congressman Gohmert for this tribute to our beloved hero Andrew Breitbart! You are a class act sir.

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I really hope that we can finally get rid of the trolls on these forums. Andrew was far too tolerant of their antics.

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I'm devastated by this sad news. Andrew Breitbart was my hero. What a tragic loss for the conservative community. We must build on his legacy and continue to fight for what is right and true. God bless you my friend!

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We know who you worship.

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Bravo James! Hit them hard where it hurts -- in the pocketbook.

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Islam is the most dangerous and sinister cult ever created on the face of this planet. A demonic ideology hiding behind the facade of a "great" religion. The West needs to wake up.

Shame on the UK for letting their country become so Orwellian. The Labor party actually admitted they used 3rd world immigration to subvert the common English people. That is what happens when you don't have a constitution that protects basic liberties like free speech.

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Nice to see Obama reaching in to our pockets so he can reach out to the Islamic world again.

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These trolls are all the same person over at Media Matters.


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At some point the powerful homosexual community has to stop making demands of society. They keep taking and the rest of us keep giving in to them. No special interest group wields this much detrimental power and influence over our culture today. This constant overreaching and playing the "victim" has to stop for the good of society.

Marriage is a sacred union before God between a man and a women for the purposes of procreation. Period. The family is a fundamental building block of civilization and all the major religions and incompatible with the selfish and destructive "gay" culture.

It's sad that the gay mafia has infiltrated the libertines at Reason TV and even more unfortunate that they have a voice here at the Bigs.