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383 weeks ago @ Wonkette - Martin Bashir Resigns ... · 0 replies · +2 points

Wonkette's defense of Martin Bashir confirms that he was just a typical hate-filled Democrat in the #WarOnWomen.

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Did Reed try to collect $100,000 from Andrew Brietbart? Libs are liars as well as racists and hypocrites.

433 weeks ago @ Commentary Magazine - Racism at the Times · 0 replies · +2 points

Thanks Adolph L. Reed for proving once again that "progressives/liberals" are the biggest, most hypocritical racists in the world. Nice name, "Adolph" BTW. Seems to fit.

438 weeks ago @ Commentary Magazine - The President’s Beng... · 2 replies · +21 points

Don't worry Chairman 0bama, you're next. Rice is your puppet; her words are yours.

Say, if Susan Rice knew nothing about Benghazi, why was she sent out as an expert to talk about it on five talk shows? Is it because no honorable person would touch your lies with a ten foot pole?

Rice was ambassador to the U.N.; what does that job have to do with national defense, or anything else important?

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This was a brilliant move on Clinton's part.

Billary remembers how flaccid and incompetent they looked when Janet Reno declared "the buck stops with me".

So Hillary decided to do the same thing to Comrade Barack O'Weasel.

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It's what happens when a reader tries to debate a leader.

It's what happens when a TOTUS tries to debate the next POTUS.

Obammunists are toast. Sorry Tingles.

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Patriots can only hope for change in November!

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Bill Maher:

Short, big nose coyote ugly, insolent, misogynistic, racist, stooopid, prick. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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Yes, he just did.

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Why would any freedom loving person condemn the only stable democracy in the Middle East?

Give me the name of one single Christian church in Saudi Arabia, then we'll talk, comrade.

Israel was founded as a safe haven from centuries of persecution of Jews, but accepts practice of all forms of religion, unlike any other place in the Middle East.

But you already know all this, ya "progressive" slime.