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A leader has passed, but the struggle continues. Andrew showed how effective a media insurgent can be, and the best way to honor that memory is to keep on fighting.

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This is exactly why we need more Democrat politicians around! They protect America from evil profits by taking them for themselves!

Thanks for jumping on that profit grenade, Nancy. It could have gone off and corrupted someone...

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Man, I love blue-on-blue crime. Enraged, feral, far-left zealots versus Democrat mayors and unionized city workers.

It's a shame they both can't lose.

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Come on! Was it over when Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Oh, I guess it was...

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Progressives hate America in its current state as much as Islamic jihadists do. This man is not exaggerating. He's just being honest.

Soon, we'll get to decide our future. Do we accept their bloody revolution like sheep, or do we give them the war they want?

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Every time I see Obama on TV, he seems more and more like a creepy old metrosexual dictator. He's like a young Gadaffi, who has a deep seated hang up about being both the coolest guy in the room and being revered as some kind of looming titan. I really have no idea what's going on in his head, but I know what's going through mine when I see him. Four words.

Creepy old metrosexual dictator.

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Debt accrued obtaining Masters degree in Interpretive Dance Theory: $150,000.00+
Replacement cost of stolen iPad: $897.50
Organic, handwoven sleeping bag: $50.00

Realizing that your Guy Fawkes mask doesn't protect you from tear gas: Priceless

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I can just imagine watching this guy continue to debate himself...

"Why are we giving this racist a platform to spew my hate speech? It's because I feel the need to denounce myself for being a weak minded fool and to confess my biases while blaming others for them! Well, I am a bigoted jerk but this sort of discourse has no place in our society! Yes, I completely agree!" Something must be done to stop me."

*grabs baseball bat, hits self with it*

"Take this, hatemonger! Ow, God, that HURTS! Shut up, I deserve this! Yes, I do. I'm a bad person, hit me again!"

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Sure, just seize the means of production, professor. Of course, we'll be cranking out the same stuff for 50 years, like Cubans rolling around in clunky vintage cars. Nobody's going to invest in a company where their investment is redistributed, but screw em. We have the machines and the workers.

Which would work great if we were an isolated little island dictatorship. Viva Obama!

In our case, it wouldn't pan out like you're thinking. If America lost our competitive edge, the Chinese, Germans and Japanese would simply put our obsolete, socialized industries out of business. Then the machines you seized would rust and the workers you liberated would be impoverished. Instead of becoming an isolated little island dictatorship, we'd collapse into a gigantic globalized poor-house.

But otherwise, great plan, professor.