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That's an interesting perspective. The Tea Party stands for lower taxes and smaller government. I don't think that's ever been associated with Utopianism. However, the Occupy movement stands for redistribution of wealth and a state-controlled socialist system of guaranteed benefits. That seems far more Utopian, don't you think? Unless you believe that socialism is a practical solution for today's "modern" problems? Which would, by definition, make YOU the Utopian.

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I think that's incorrect, BeauDiddle. I believe he said that high gas prices contributed to the recession.

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I'm very excited to see this film. It seems very fresh and original. And a new actor to play Jason Bourne? That's genius!

I heard that the original title they were going to call it was "The Bourne Doodybag".

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I agree with elgringoloco70; Ferrell's refusal to speak English is a slap in the face, or should I say "slap-ina-da-face-ah" of all patriotic Americans; an attempt to subsume our great country into the morass of multiculturalism.

We should heed the warnings of the infamous Nazi propaganda comedies like "Der Jude War Für das Abendessen" and "Duetchland ist Meine Nähmaschine". As the immortal director Erich Von Stroheim was alleged to have said "The Nazis use cinema like the Hottentots use shin bone flutes".

Ferrell had better take a closer look at what he's lending his name to.

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I think the answer can be found in the fact that Ferell is not just an actor, he is a writer and a creator. That's why Tyler Perry is the highest paid talent in Hollywood.

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You're all being terriblemente injusto! Don't assume that every film Will Ferrell makes is going to be Elf. This could be, and looks like it might be, a great parody of the bandito film. Anyone who's had to sit through George Clooney in "El Pistolo" or see Javier Bardem utterly wasted in "Mi Ropa Interior Sucia" (although yes, Madeline Suarez was gorgeous to look at), knows that there is comedy gold languishing in this genre.

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Hey Beavis, isn't this the one with the alien comin' out of the chick's butt? Huh! Hu-huh! Butt.

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I have a funny feeling this is an exploitation of : a) CGI of a horse that they can make do anything, and b) the audiences emotions with a blatantly manipulative bowl of high fructose corn syrup.

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This may be terribly UN-pc of me, but as I recall, the "Rampart Scandal" involved just two dirty cops. One, Rafael Perez, when caught, tried to plea bargain by alleging corruption by dozens of other officers, the majority of whom where exonerated.

The Rampart neighborhood residents expressed an outpouring of support for the CRASH division of the police department, recognizing that they were in fact keeping their neighborhood safer.

This Woody Harrelson film looks like a complete yawn and irks my sense that artists should have SOME responsibility not to create lies that they feed to the public for profit. (J. Edgar, anyone?)

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There's been some interesting discussions about the cause of these headaches. One that was put forth asserted that the brain was being fooled by a false depth of field and couldn't calculate the parallax fast enough; which I think is ridiculous.

It seems obvious to me that normally as we look around a scene, we shift focus at different depths of field. In a 3D film, the director controls the focus, and in a scene with a shallow depth of field our eyes cannot bring the background into focus as they normally would. This is a akin to wearing a bad eyeglass prescription; you get a headache because your vision is blurry except in the foreground. I believe you'll notice that in 3D movie scenes with panoramas and great depth of field, all elements are in focus and there's no headache.

Some people have no problem ignoring the out-of-focus background, others naturally scan the screen trying to focus on the blurry parts as their eyes dart around the frame. It is these people who have the problem.

And it's never going away until 3D films are all shot in deep focus.

The reason this doesn't happen with 2D films is that unlike an Amazon Indian who has never seen a photograph before, we're accustomed to a 2D image being flat; we don't attempt to focus on the blurry parts. However, if you sat in a 2D theater where the projector was out of focus, you'd get a headache pretty quick indeed.

Here's the proof. Take a pair of plain-glass spectacles and use vaseline around the outer edge of each lens, leaving just a small clear area in the center. Now put them on and walk around for a bit. Tada! Headache!