voted against carter

voted against carter


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islam is NOT a religion. islam IS a FASCIST PEDOPHILE DEATH CULT. Period.

Small i in islam.

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is that you,.. you silly libratard concern troll.

"Seattle, Denver, Portland, Sweden, Denmark" are you kidding me??? THESE are your example of supposedly competent government.


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Detroit MI. IS what obama, the democRAT party and their UNION masters want for ALL of America.

Coming to YOUR town SOON.

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Islam is NOT a "religion". It IS a "fascist pedophile death cult". PERIOD.

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Having lived in Dearborn BEFORE it became derborn-a-stain, this does NOT surprise me.

This IS what the PEDOPHILE DEATH CULT known as Islam has planed for ALL of America.

WAKE up America,...

The PEDOPHILE DEATH CULT known as Islam IS coming to YOUR town SOONER than you think.

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PLEASE remove your RECTALHAT prior to posting.

YOU are an IDIOT.

STOP proving it with EVERY post you make.

STUPID libratard.

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I see you have your RECTALHAT on tight today as is usual.

Your benefactor G. Sosos left wing money contributions FAR and away exceeds ANY amount of money contributed to conservative groups by the Koch brothers.

The Koch brothers by the way, ACTUALLY produce products people need and want to buy.

NOT like your Dr. Evil, G. Soros who JUST benefits off the designed financial destruction of others.


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This has GOT to be an "ONION" satire piece. 

Obama can't REALLY be that much of a narcissist CAN he,...
IF this IS true,.. IT WILL go viral on the net,...

and good ol'e Barry WILL become MORE of a laughing stock than he already IS.

Alinsky's technique at it's best. REVERSE Alinsky that is.

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Got that RECTALHAT on tight AGIAN I see.

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Just an fyi,..Valerie Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran.

She IS obama's Brain.

NOW you know WHY Obama is SO anti American.