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Why are trolls allowed to post vile filth about a deceased man on his own obituaries on his own website, while normal posts are getting deleted?

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Your LSD church is a lot worse. For starters, after your acid flash backs are over you'll be embarrassed you don't know the difference between Jesus and Mohammed.

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The Kennedy book writing industry featuring desperate hacks for money pretending to do journalism and the Kennedy clan themselves has had consequences. Kennedy myth writing is a ticket to wealth for Matthews with consequences.

This Kennedy Myth Publishing industry has caused a postponement of the real study of his awful presidency. He was a risk loving failure who botched a lot and had very few actual accomplishments no matter which side of the aisle you are looking back from.

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Matthews has a psychotic ability to despise this behavior in the hypothetical case of Herman Cain, or the actual proved case of Bill Clinton.

If it's repulsive when Clinton does it, it is for JFK who set a record in the filth dept. There has never been a more morally repugnant man in the White House in the post civil war era than JFK.

And his risky behavior also made him a terrible president. So he's overrated there too.

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Well put. Imagine a national debate with Obie on one side where our candidate put that question to the people.

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God, really there are so few conservatives able to fight the media and the rest.

Rush is so important too. Hope he also realizes that. This is one of the most important, precarious turning points our country has ever faced.

"The country desperately needs another 1,000 more Andrew Breitbarts." So true, Rush. He is so right that we need his staff to take up for him. It is as crucial as Rush says to fight for what you believe in effectively while enjoying the journey.

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Lots of reasons. Liberals fundamentally hate America and want to be royalty so they don't see what a great thing it was to give the public power over their own fate against the gov't which the 2nd amendment was the first to do in a real way.

Secondly, they're weak.

They see problems and always focus on the wrong thing as a solution. They want to disempower everyone to solve crime. How can "the system" magically save everyone, they wonder. They like to be czars but never will anything be their fault. No personal responsibility, they want a "system" to save them in case of any trouble which they feel weak and powerless against.

They're racist so they see guns and think some scary minority or Mexican is bound to use it. They look at a gun and envision a minority wielding it. They dreamt up the Fast and Furious fiasco hoping to link the idea of guns for everyone to their own racist ideas about Mexicans. One of the most racist programs in all of history.

On the other hand, Republicans, conservatives and many Independents see a problem and think how could I protect myself in this situation? Whatever the problem is, they want to be empowered and see a gun as a tool for safety and freedom.

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Is the Anybody But Obama Superpac up and running yet? I eagerly await their ads and feel the urge to donate rising.

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How can a guy who slept with his employees, gave one air time because of it (punishing all real employees who didn't sleep with boss to get ahead) and needed the FBI to save him from an extortion plot to expose all that still a boss?

Sexual harassment laws and policies aren't there to protect sl*ts willing to sleep with bosses to get ahead and the bosses who sleep with sl*ts. They protect NON sl*ts everywhere. And whoever the boss doesn't want to sleep with. Except at CBS.

At CBS sl*ts like Letterman try to tell us who a good leader is.

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Dick Morris said that they want to help Dems get women voters but abortion is polling badly. So they've been forced to make contraception a pretend issue. Fake, made up issue.

RNC should put out a counter ad reminding people Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory forcing its views on people who do not share them through tax dollars.

No one should have to pay for someone else's abortion. There's no such Constitutional right.

And contraception either. It's that simple, don't get into the weeds where they want to go. It's about other people's right not to fund their choices.

Quit forcing this stuff on other people's consciences, Planned Parenthood and Democrats. You're goose stepping now. Period.