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Go f*** yourself.

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The last thing I ever expected to find out today. I was stunned when Glenn Bleck announced it on his show a few minutes ago, I'm in shock. Andrew will be missed not only by his family and friends (God help them in their grief) but by all of us who were, are and willl continue to be inspired by his fearless conservatism. Our movement has lost a great man but he'll never be forgotten.

God rest his soul.

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I saw it today. At all the other movies I've been to over the years, most of the crowd gets up and leaves upon the start of the credits. Not so with Valor. The place was dead quiet as the song played during the credits, it wasn't until after a few minutes did anyone start to get up. I came home and raved to my parents. I can't wait to own it on Blu-Ray and show it to them.

The local paper here had a review last Friday that, of course, panned it. Yet another clueless critic who thinks all American soldiers are like the ones in Platoon or Redacted.

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My own kitty is smarter than that cat.

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Clueless George, the clueless little hypocrit monkey. Getting lectured on proper etiquette and manners by a celebrity is like Hugo Chavez teaching an economics course.

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'Ol John boy would throw a fit if Obama's middle name was used. It was pathetic. He campaigned to lose. Yet another 'f*** you' to the Republican party from John McCain.

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+1 point for you! =D

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You said it, fella. People who make statements such as the one we're quoting do not understand war and especially not the military. Where would we be if soldiers had constantly second guessed or debated about whether or not to take the shot?

I'm reminded of the scene in the first Sniper movie, where Billy Zane's character refuses to take his shot and it ends up costing innocent lives or other movies in which what is supposed to be a highly trained and skilled soldier screws everything up over something petty or wimping out. That's what liberal critics are used to seeing, when in reality the rigorous training that the men in Act of Valor went through conditioned them to not do such things, to take the shot, get the job done, kill the bad guys and go home together. No film school teaches that, which is why we get Roger Ebert comparing the heroism potrayed by real SEALs to one nutjob.

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"You watch as one of our snipers dispassionately and from a great distance lays out these scruffy untrained campesinos one after the other with graphic head shots."

Right, cause we all know how those Islamic militants ring their hands every time they've taken out one of our soldiers. You can practically hear the weeping from across the Atlantic.

Liberal film critics are wretched people.

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Don't hold your breath, dude.

Though a Chappaquidick movie would be a shorter wait than the completion of the game Half Life 2: Episode 3.