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That seems a bit harsh. Life is a precious gift and not to be wasted but who knows what personal demons drove Whitney to live her life at the end the way she did. As far as I am concerned the only person who is truly competent to judge her lived over 2000 years ago and I suggest we let Him have the last word on Whitney.

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What is it they say....better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Well many Blacks are racists even if we are not allowed to say that and now Mr Jackson has opened his mouth very wide and left us no doubt that he is a genuine racist.

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Well Daniel has already shown his physical shortcomings now he is showing his intellectual inadequacies I guess. (The late David Niven gets credit for part of the above.)

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I hardly think Ellen can be considered "closeted" by any means. If you think she is beyond social recognition because she is a lesbian then just say so.

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I think Jane made more sense back in the days when she used to have her finger down her throat. What came out of her mouth had at least been wholesome once; whereas what comes out now is just trash.

I served in the military and I have to admit that I regret that my service was wasted to protect the rights of traitors like Ms Fonda to spew her idiocy.

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I think CJ lives in an alternate universe.

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"If you're white, you've never had to suffer though racial discrimination." I spent my last two years of high school in Hawaii in the late 1950s and I can assure you that as a white person I certainly did experience racial discrimination. All peoples at all times of history have faced some sort of racial discrimination. It takes a real professional, however, to make a career of it.

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Close to being TMI but I do agree in wondering why John sits there at 93p.

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Is there any other country now or in history that has been saddled with a group of its own citizens that hated their own country and actively worked for its humiliation and defeat? We very well may need to come to a second Civil War in order to sort things out in this country so that a small minority are not allowed to ruin what a vast majority have worked so hard and at such sacrifice to create.

We also need to take cognizance of the fact that Islam has been antithetical to every other form of government since its inception and the only way it has been defeated is through force of arms. We can either decide that it is once again time to push back against Islam or we can allow them to build their mosque overlooking Ground Zero and thereby surrender to a force that wants to inslave us.

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This woman is not packing a full lunch if she thinks Obama would even begin to attempt to learn anything from her. Obama is about Obama, all the time every time and it is doubtful he has ever admitted anyone else could teach him a thing. In the same manner Obama is only behind Obama.