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I am sure his friends will soon say "Yes, Hussain Haqqani, I knew him well" after his fatal accident. It's the way in that part of the world. Took courage to stand up to tyranny.

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What a joke. "The president highlighted the biggest commercial airline deal ever clinched by Boeing, to supply 230 737 jets worth $21.7 billion to Indonesia's Lion Air".

Obumbler.......you gotta know your NLRB is doing all it can to destroy Boeing just to cater to the unions. Did I say what a joke?

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Rhamit said we must "out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the world". Hard to do when we are OUT of money. We will instead focus on booting Obama OUT.

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Given the photo, one might say she has never quit smokin' the ganja. If this is true, we can only guess at what makes her so mad. Imagine her as president of some PTA group......UFB.

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Ralph -- You've no doubt made a strong case here for action. I hope all who read this do get involved. Even noise level has impact, and certainly pointed action and applied pressure delivers more response. Great work.

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Their world is one of an inverted Mazlow Hierarchy of Needs -- Breathing, eating, water, sleep, sex, excretion -- their ultimate goals in life.

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I suppose Cain had to make an appearance on Letterman to say he had, but the treatment of him by Letterman was disgusting. Attempting to veil the leftist shots through humor was pathetic. To Cain's credit, he held-up well, stayed above it, played off the sad humor when he could and showed he has the grit to shrug-off lightweight sniping, and probably much better than a Romney, Gingrich of Perry could have done. Cain made the appearance and left standing tall. Letterman came off as the ass in the room.

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Won't be long before public sector unions will be in the trash heap. Taxpayers have had enough. Union bosses should start practicing saying "paper or plastic?" or "want fries with that?"

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Ohio gets what they deserve. As the economy heats up again, Ohio may be left in the dust. Everyone will be thanking Hoffa for his misguided efforts.

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Michigan has become such a cesspool. Figures a bill like this would be a topic for the Dem trolls that govern in the state.