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I will NEVER buy carbonite now. (I had been contemplating it.)

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The book is so much better--but isn't it (almost) always. And I liked the movie.

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I've related it before, but I'll repeat myself. My husband and I were in a conference with our child's middle school principal and he told us, "the main job of the school ISN'T to educate the children. The main job of the school is to 'socialize' the children." It was then we decided to home school, and then send our remaining two to a charter school.

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My two youngest children went to a charter school. The first couple of years an obscene amount of money (funds that could have been used better elsewhere) was spent on legal fees so that California wouldn't shut them down.

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Well, I donated to prop 8 in California and my name and address is now public. I hope no stalkers are able to use this list. But I also see a need to verify.

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Who is that woman in the photo? (I know I've seen that movie.) And (as long as I'm here) I wish you would caption your photos. So often I have to sift through the entire posting, looking to see what movie or what actor I'm seeing at the top of "The Daily Call Sheet," Mr. Nolte. Thanks.

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I'm a HUGE fan, ladies.

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Geez, I am tired of people of MY OWN PARTY badmouthing anyone who brings up Newt's negatives. I remember Newt. I loved Newt in the beginning of his Contract with America. But I watched Newt go power mad. I am a woman who used to adore Newt. I used to listen to his lectures and think, "I AGREE WITH THIS GUY." But I wised up. I am NOT a country club republican. I am NOT for Mitt. I don't know who I'm "for" now--but I know I'm NOT FOR NEWT. (And I'm tired of being accused of being a liberal--or a rino when Newt's record is WAY MORE RINOish than I've ever been.)

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I want the media to examine all of Obama's buddies in the white house by publishing the taxes they paid last year--oh wait, nobody in the white house PAID taxes last year.

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I want to see Harry Reid's income tax. In fact I demand it. And I want to see how the entire media filled out their tax forms. Fair is fair.