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What sad and totally shocking news. So young. My family's sincerest condolences, prayers and heartfelt regret on his loss to his Loving family and friends.
America and the World lost a tremendous Patriot and freedom fighter, for all our rights.

God Bless and keep you dear Andrew.

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What about at LEAST the One known "white farmer" Miss Pigford ADMITTED she had discriminated against??
What about all the Italian farmers My Grandfather had a produce business..

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And Hollywood is in fact home to the communist party.. who's have thought.. oh that is right that way back in the 50-60's Joe was effectively destroyed while exposing the truth.

Not much has changed since then.

Hollywood, Democrats and their operatives are nothing but RICH bullies and why is it most are degenerates to the boot!

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Susan who, believes in being offensive and dis-respectful to anything that gets her airtime or notice.. exploiters in Hollywood .. who would have thought..

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She seriously looks like she got that outfit out of a homeless persons shopping cart . That the homeless person wouldn't even wear.

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What is most INSULTING is that this bimbo THINKS that is what a target shopper would wear and look like..lol. That lipstick is aisle #5 you think?!?!

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2nd place I come after I read of the lastest outrage by our leaders.

I had donated way back I am sorry I have not lately but food has to come first.. it is that scarce these days.
I know what work goes into a website alone without playing super hero and advocate for so many..
The best.. and super tight bear hugs.

BTW .I was scared when the first page I found when I put in hill buzz before the NEW site said sorry locked.. any idea how frightening that is.. if we were locked out.. would you even know it.?
I am adding a link to you on the only blog I found that saved my sanity. mine..lol
Come by and say Hey someday... I am on medication not rabid any more.. seriously I love you style and humor..

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Well thanks for reading it.. too bad not too many can think out of the box..

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--ds, All flash no substance, epic failure.--

You know if we had blinders on for a minute I would liken that statement to this administration. Why I propose that blinder is even if you are doing well you have to be related to, or know someone who has lost everything under this past, I would say 6 years..

So if the great social experiment doesn't work and the great Corporate give away doesn't .. Maybe we should all get behind a Ron Paul .. lets see who he would bring to the table..
I am tired of the Reps and honestly never want to be part of the Great failure of spreading who's wealth around.. and if that is such a good idea when are the Obamas going to send a homeless family on vacation rather then pig out themselves.

Maybe not the place here to bring this up. But Epic Failure can be seen when it is not personal.. so Maybe in this context everyone can close their eyes and see the failure around us that is our two party system..

I see no harm in a Paul election.. he is not a religious zealot he is not a share it all .. when their is NOTHING left to share .. He is not a corporate lackey..
Maybe we when finally all grow up and vote in the one not bought and paid for by interested parties other than our own..

We finally win.

I used to be a registered Republican, who used to vote the person I would cross party lines.. today it is a vote for the party no matter who.. Not helping us citizens who are taken in. Chewed up and spit out!

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Christian, job well done.