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And she's a lucky one. Many are seeing deductibles increase by as much as $8000-$10k along with premium increases of $500-$1k per month, even on the "cheapest" plan! Until enough 0bama-lemmings join us TEA Party-ers who have been telling them this was going to happen, while they called us cute little throw away names like "Racists," "bomb-throwers," "terrorists," this is the mess that we will endure! 'So glad that they agreed with 0bama shutting down the government over his stompy-foot refusal to give the American people what he already gave the labor unions -- a one-year delay! Now .. he and the Dim-o-cRAT Party OWNS this disaster!

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Not that I didn't know this already, but this news -- "human intelligence slowly declining" (except that I differ that it is happening "slowly") -- explains exactly how Hussein 0BowMao got re-elected. We are truly living in an "Idiocracy."

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I would imagine that anyone associated with "her"* would probably WANT to kill themselves.

* = I honestly don't believe "Gagme" is a chick. I still think it's a transvestite.

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When will this no-talent freak job go away? Hey: Lady Gagme .. Madonna called. She wants her crazy act back.

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Remember .. and this came from 0bozo hisself .. in order to qualify for the exemption, "shovel ready" does NOT even actually require that you have to own a shovel, nor does it have to be "ready."

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How's the investigation going on her and her husband's corruption involving the bank?

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If they're voting for Romney, then Conservatism has NOT "won!" It is unbelievable enough to consider Mittens a Republican, but he is NOT a "Conservative."

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What did you expect from a shady, unknown character whose sole accomplishment was being a community agitator from the slums of Chicago -- which are every bit if not MORE slummy than when he appeared on the scene -- who sat at the feet of Saul Alinsky and Rev. Wrong; two more community agitators with zero accomplishments?

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You forgot. HBO is home to Bill Maher and about fifteen "Aren't Lesbians Awesome" sitcoms.

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Nope. Ralph Malph. Potsie's buddy from 'Happy Days.'