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I wonder if they'll be paying an administrator to coordinate the event, pay to run an advertising campaign, buy media air time etc.... you know, all that evil free market capitalism stuff that stimulates an economy?

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Obama trying to climb into the magic time machine again and go back and blame Bush, but the time machine isn't working. People aren't buying that sack of sh*t anymore, mr, president. By the end of your term you would have had 1460 days to "change" things and you've failed, and failed miserably. America can now see exactly WHAT the Democratic Party is all about, this is their mission. Think about this; the president is suing states for trying to enforce their laws; this is how dictators are born, and in this case a failed dictator.

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Well, Sir Mick, your music, image and message of an irresponsible lifestyle created all or part of the dirty entitlement hippies here in the USA all the way back to 1965. These malcontents are now demanding someone else pay for their medical about a beggar's banquet.

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America would prefer she step down rather than retire...I suppose she needs that off-the-hook retirement plan to complement her millions in net worth.

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I didn't see that flag flying at half-staff when that sawed off little dictator was starving and murdering innocent North Koreans? I suppose the UN was too busy with the limos and the American prostitutes.

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The executive type golden parachute Romney IS desperate, he thought that word on the street was that he was next in line for the GOP blessing. The Washington establishment wants Romney because he's a bit more easily manipulated, whereas Gingrich is more the hard-nosed-stick-it-to-the-Libtard anti-0bama badass THAT America wants right now. I don't see Gingrich losing any momentum any time soon.

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Ms. Carr, ( -Your political double-standard is disgusting. Your audit of The Tea Party is an obvious attempt to intimidate and harass the Tea Party for standing up against the discrimination served up by your bloated local government. Your unprofessional behavior should, and probably will cost you your job. The Tea Party will make every effort to bring yours, and Mayor Jones' political double-standard to light for THE ENTIRE NATION TO SEE. I am sending a letter to the mayor's office, as well as contacting EVERY paper and internet news outlet I can find to expose you and the Mayor's blatant abuse of local authority.

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...even the tiniest of minds are finally getting it, even the "Spittle King" himself, Little Chrissy Matthews.

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While rolling into The Oval Office at 9:30am every morning makes you an expert on lazy; mr. president, what is it that makes you an expert on business? Mr. president, you keep insulting my country and talkin' that trash, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone to vote for you.

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Townshend should scribble out a check and start his own company to help rising talent and stop bleeding his dinosaur-rock-icon status to engage in windbaggery. BTW: The Who would have been NOTHING without those evil USA capiltalist fans, (like Jobs) that bought all his records in the late 60's and early 70's. P.O., Pete.