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thanks oregon__Nick the intriguing thing about the site are his continuing interviews with a Washington Insider.Those interviews revealed several actions of this administration before they were public knowledge in some cases still in the planning stage. Erily he predicted what the insider suggested was a trial balloon the shoots fired at the Whitehouse a few days before it occured. He has been spot on regarding Whitehouse strategy and the infighting between Jarret and Daley. Not sure it isnt a composite of sources with a brillant writting style but in any case Ulsterman is hardwired into the action.

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I appreciate the varieties of sources you are placing on this site it is hard to be everywhere. Speaking of which does anyone here spend anytime on Ulsterman's site?

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I just put some money on this pony you might want to as well.

This story will have legs well beyond this election cycle and the next. It has all the elements needed to draw people in for a rude wake up call: sex,violence, drugs, and a corrupt uncaring government. Sounds like the formula for a typical leftest blockbuster. Somehow I don't think the Hollywood elites will be standing in line to play the blood soaked characters of Holder or Obama in the fictionalized version

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So who is responsible for finding Obamas "entertainments" on his junkets away from Mooshel. I know they were not to be found at the Caribe, but surely there is a similar place for folks of Obamas preferences.

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Careful there "Uncle Ted" the Secret Service is looking for a distraction

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Or enough booze. __America succeeded in building an empire within its own borders. Nationalism is required for any nation state to exist in a multicultural society. Those are the things we mastered with our "melting pot" society and our "melting pot" foreign policy. (Play nice and we will be your friend) Our nation is an empire it is under assault from the multiculturalists and the one world order folks. Sadly they are winning right now and many conservatives neocons line up. Over throws of "organically grown"governments (say what you will of the nasty tyrants out there but most of them rose to power locally) magically brought into the modern era through Democracy. Unfortunately the results are always a new elected tyrant. The world Communist movement and the The crates have embraced Democracy, They are good at the tactic of promise them anything and regardless of outcome remind them how much worse it could be.__Our Presidents campaign message>__"yeah it sucks but it would suck worse if not for me"

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Well my friends I have found you and a sad but fitting post to begin here. I too miss Andrew and wish he were still among us. Sometimes I fantasize that this was all an elaborate ruse to escape some evil plot but alas it is only fantasy. Andrew in flesh is gone but his spirit lives.

In the old site I see his ghost and it saddens me. I tried to make it work for me in his honor but as much as at time we became an echo chamber, the comment section seems now nothing more than screaming into the void. Perhaps I am too old to change, perhaps it is the ever present loss of his passing, perhaps there is a part of me that attaches petty motives to those who carry his banner there. I may never figure it out and I have tired of trying.

As to Andrew’s death, I will accept this report if only for the health and wellbeing of his family, if I thought they were seeking more than closure I would feel differently. Let this not be seen as aspersions on those of you who believe there is more, In the last two years i have seen voters turned away from voting booths because of their color, I have seen a black man beaten by a white man while he was being called a racist. I have seen thousands of Mexicans murdered with guns to prove that guns are a menace. I have seen a war once won lost. I have seen Hispanics turn White, a 17 year old that looks 12, injuries disappear before my eyes and words change. There is nothing I would put beyond these bottom dwellers.

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Sorry i didnt realize you were making a point I thought you merely passed wind.

The more important question is why do you hate mexicans?

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hey slobis how do you feel about reperations for your presidents killing of Mexican citizens?


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