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Its not even the hack-work movies on SciFi ( I refuse to use that stupid new spelling, lol) Mainstream movies all have to have the emotional issues or love story no matter how stupid it is to the movie storyline . ( Pearl Harbor movie love triangle anyone? ) Chick flicks fine, have emotional issues but in the shoot'um up's, I do not want to have to listen to the barely dressed, top heavy blonde woman talk about her "daddy issues" .

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I can see your point but Obama is on the money, it is still a police state and there was one mention of certain classes of people living in domes (i.e. the rich and famous) . So no matter what happened to cause the break down and i am sure at some point will come the republican sucker punch, they have not went back to a democracy which is what the democrats are all about , right? And if the republicans were in charge i doubt they would have Obama on money. Maybe Reagan but not Obama. lol

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People are complaining about Obama's picture being on the money, Personally to me it is an underhanded insult. Lets review what i gathered about earth at the time the show started. Environment is shot, mass starvation is hinted at, Air is unbreathable without masks, enconomy is gone, police state, population control. Would you want this government honoring you?? Its kind of like going back to Germany in January 1945 and putting out a new money denomination with a picture of hitler on. " Look at this great leader of our nation"

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If Disney does not want to make money off the show that is their right, especially since you can still find the show on the internet for free. So you can watch it for free and disney goes further in debt. Its a win, win.

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its spam,

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DAS BOOT!!!! The very best submarine movie that was ever or will ever be made.

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Well after reading the reviews of this movie i looked up some of the other more recent movies that depicted american soldiers. I think that if you combined all of the money these made you might equal what B:LA has made in just a couple of days. But which do you think it going to be the theme of more movies in the years to come. American soldiers good or American soldiers evil.
American Dreamz - 2006 - Iraq War vet blows himself up in national tv because his girlfriend cheated on him.
Battle for Haditha - 2007 - Marines killing Iraqi civilains, supposed to be based on a true event. All charges dropped due to lack of evidence except against 1 marine.
Green Zone - 2010 - Iraq war based on information US knew was false and willing to kill to cover up.
Harsh Times - 2006 - Iraq war vet turns drug dealer and thief due to PTSD.
The Hurt Locker - 2008 - Shows EOD vet as war junkie, only happy in combat
In the Valley of Elah - 2007 - Iraqi war vets with PTSD kill a fellow solider Army tries to cover it up.
The Mark of Cain - 2007 - British iraq war veterans beat, sexually assualt iraqi prisoners
Redacted - 2007 - Based on true event, but director Brian De Palma calls the movie a "a realistic portrait of U.S. troops"
Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming - 2007 - National Guard troops kill an innocent Iraqi family at a checkpoint. Later main charceters son beats and burns alive and arab in america
Stop-Loss - 2008 - Another crazed solider with PTSD
Valley of the Wolves: Iraq - 2006 - Turkish Special Forces kill evil american soldiers.

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Is there such a thing as"gratuitous female nudity" ? I highly doubt it exists. It may just seem "gratuitous" but it is needed to further the movies storyline development in an intellectually stimulating way. And Dina Myer is very intellectually stimulating

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Sir, you are mistaken. NO Star Wars prequels exist. There is only episodes 4,5,6 and that is it.

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I am just going to say that the level of idiocracy in that statement is such that i think we are all dumber for having looked at it.