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Just how big of an intellectual light weight is that azzhat?!?Sure you don't control the weather but you sure as hell decide where the ship is going and if your going to patch the holes in the hull or make new ones....idiot....and that goes for ANYONE with their heads up their own bahookies that still support that piece of garbage!

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It is becoming more and more apparent that gays for some unknown reason desperately desire to be viewed in a very one demensional fashion. With the laws and regulations they are having passed it appears all that really matters about them as people is who they go to bed with and what they do to that person in bed. Fine....but be careful what you wish just might get it!

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What a wonderful "religion"....if blacks were being treated this way on a country wide basis the world would be up in arms....yet we are calld upon to respect and tolerate and accomodate this gender apartheid and in fact allow them to start these discriminatory practices in the west. It is time for the world to wake up and realize that there are not muslims who are extremists...islam itself is by and large extreme in whole!

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So did you see obowma's eyes glazing over when Ryan was explaining just how bad obowma's bill you think it was because he simply had no idea what Ryan was talking about OR do you think it was because he really doesn't care.

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....what he ended up say was....I am going to double down on stupid because that is all I know....I am stuck on ideology that I absorbed in smoke filled rooms when I was a failing sophmore at college....I got nothing else rattling around in my head than the Marxist garbage I swallowed hook line and sinker and have never looked at with a critical eye since.... And as you can tell from how I act as president...I am stuck emotionally and intellectually at about 18, a young 18.

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Actually the Bible IS the Word of God and the koran is nothing more than the ravings of a mass murdering pedophile who was almostcompletely mad from the brain damage brought on by syphlis......and that my friends is who the entire muslim worldslavishly follows and wants the rest of us to be subjected too...frankly burning that pile of hate filled garbage is about the most respect it should ever be given.

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For hundreds of years Muslim women have been forced to cover themselves so that the Muslim male, who apparently is like a teenager with no control over his own urges and is not expected to develop any will be able to move about in society unhindered. I think it is time for the males of islam to take over some of their own burden and free up their women.....perhaps for the next few hundred years they can either have their eyelids sewn shut or be castrated It is not anymore extreme than what these male subject women to.... Putting them in cloth coffins to live their lives in, mutilating their genitals to make sure they have no possibility of enjoying sex ( or as others have suggested doing that so they don't realize how sexually inadequate Muslim males are- seriously when men can only handle virgins and little girls and wives they are allowed to rape by law....well chances are you are sexually inadequate, inferior and immature. Time to grow up boys!

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Not anti union......more accurate and truthful to say pro taxpayer pro voter and pro American! Go taxpayers of WI we stand in Solidarity with you!!!!!

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Hey your obowma is an idiot and you know it...reality bites doesn't it...getting harder and harder to pretend that your guys are not a bunch of corrupt self serving idiots with the unions as their masters...but hey whatever you need to do to sleep at night....good luck... just keep slinging your insults as we laugh and laugh at how upset you are!!!

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One Nation Working together Rally.....more like Loserpalooza!....what a collection of absolute parasites...all of them looking either to use the useful idiots to enrich themselves or get bigger government handouts...that was the motivation for literally everyone who showed up or was ordered to show up!