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Obama is a suicide bomber. He is so hell bent on destroying this nation. He knows his chances at re-election are dwindling and he knows that this sort of policy (plus is unyielding arrogance) is the reason, yet he charges the line with one more bomb. He will go on his knees to the Jews next with empty promises. Mark my words. Or... maybe he will approach them with his finger in their faces. That is possible too. No matter. He's done and he knows it. All we have to do is disarm the rest of his bombs. Can we do it? The long shot is getting those that we put in office to reverse the damage of his policies. A long shot indeed.

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I hate to say it but "they" would assassinate him soon after he took office.
Paul is a thorn in the side of the controlling elite and they simply will not tolerate it... even at the risk of a giant scandal. What is needed here is not simply a "Ron Paul" but a bloody revolution. That will never happen, at least not on the scale which is needed. Even the most influential conservatives say that we should only revolt with our vote. Sadly, the second amendment will never come into play as the tool that it was truly designated for.

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This could very well be God sticking it in the faces of Gorebal Warmers. It is in a very real way because it is just a part of his natural cycle. It gets warm and then it gets cold... back to warm again. Every snake oil salesman only wants your money and power. So many are willing to give up common sense and that's what they count on.
Well... that and the government handouts.

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It's too easy. There's something that the Dems want even more. But what could it be? There's hardly any time left. It must be the Dream Act. While we are dancing in the streets over this victory, they will shove that through, securing future votes for the Communist...err, I mean Socialist... oops, he eh... I mean Democrat Party.

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The stories she could tell. But few are interested. If ever you find a person of age and they have their faculties... listen. You won't be sorry.

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Who did this audio come from? They should be investigated!!!
It is racist to claim that a black congress person is breaking the law!
She was not aware that this action violated any ethics or laws and even if she did, it's only setting things right for the years of suffering and "opreshun" on the black race, by the evil, white, devil, crackers... like the one's who dare to make this an issue.
Everybody knows that these sorts of laws were written by racist white people!

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There are just so many infractions that need some kind of explanation with anything anymore. My God, what is going on? "This happened but really it wasn't what it seemed": is getting so commonplace, these days that it just spins my head. Maybe that is part of the plan? This is all some sort of "razzle dazzel" and it just makes me want to stake out some remote area and fend off the whole world!
I hate conspiracy theory nuts and lately I am starting to see their side of things!!!
Is it true? Is it some sort of well orchestrated mind boggle, meant to make us all just give the hell up?

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The point of this article is to draw a sympathetic attitude to homosexuality by portraying the act of rape against a lesbian to be more of an infraction because she is homosexual. Nonsense!

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The point that you are missing (or trying to hide) is that she repented and was saved.
You are attempting to make it seem like Jesus came along and said that it's ok to live in sin. That is not the case. This scripture is to point out that all can have salvation and that those who stand in judgment of another is no better. You can't reply to this post and say that the poster was judging another... they were merely quoting scripture.
That woman, by the way, was Mary Magdalene, who became a faithful follower of Jesus from that time forward and was also first at the tomb after he had risen.

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Seems to me that you can't draw the line. You feel the need to group all people into one lot and proclaim that we are good and bad at the same time. That is foolishness.
The good are good and the bad are bad. It's the same with dogs. Some dogs are very docile while others will attack. Allow me to transpose, using your own words and you will get my point:

Dog's nearly limitless capacity for selflessness and love, seems only to be matched by their capacity for hatred and violence.

See? You must have a sense of discernment or you come off as a babbling fool.
There is good and there is evil and not some murky pool, capable of spewing out either of the two... it's as simple as that.