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I hate to say it, but Ann Coulter is becoming inconsequential. I used to lover her, then she went gaga over Chubby Christie and swooned for Mitt, professing their conservatism. I think the Body Snatchers from the dark side got her . . .

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Yes, Sharon, I do believe that is the bottom line: "We have edged God out . . ." God has allowed us to choose our own king and we have chosen Obama. What we sow we reap.

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"The President’s much-diminished support . . .." Heck, what about OUR much diminished support? What happened there with so many boots on the ground? Where did everybody go when it mattered the most?

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In short, scientists know virtually nothing about the myriad causes of climate change because God keeps making fools of man and his arrogance.

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It's a miracle how William and Harry turned out to be such good "kids."

They're courageous and masculine, so unlike their wingnut father.

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But I bet that, as a Liberal, you think that Sharia law coming to the U.S. is a good thing because we ought to respect Muslim customs and culture . . . The test of a true Liberal is inherent contradiction.
Not one person here is proposing anything of the kind you melodramatically portray - one would assume you were a drama queen. Debate with intellectual honesty, not inane hyperbole.

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How can one miss what never was? One doesn't have the "privacy" right to have sex with an immediate family member or child in the bedroom. One doesn't have the right to have sex with a cow, horse, chicken, sheep, etc. in the bedroom. One cannot commit rape in the bedroom.
Yet another squishy, touchy-feely soundbite perpetuated, but unable to withstand scrutiny.

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For those wondering how many gays are in the U.S., read this well-researched article
The numbers are much lower than those advanced by individuals with a radical agenda selfishly bent on changing one of the cornerstones of a strong society.
Additonally, for your further education, there is a good article by Maggie Gallagher (gay) on why TRADITIONAL marriage matters. See

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1% . . . hmmmm. I think it's 3% in the U.S. And yet society is to change centuries-worth of moral traditions, culture, and even the definition of a very specific word to accommodate this teeny, tiny percentage of individuals, many of which use the strong-arm, straw-man tactic of equating denying black civil rights in the 60's with their "plight."
The mainstreaming of the immoral/unnatural then force-feeding this unhealthy lifestyle to our own children in public schools for 1-3% of the population? Hmmmm, indeed.

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Heritage did a first rate job on this one. If you're not a member of the Heritage Foundation, join. They do the Lord's work and you can access their research on their website to equip yourself when talking to your friends and neighbors about the dangerous waters we're navigating.