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When are we as a nation going to realize that a revolution has taken place in the United States? I have no direct proof of this other than the headlines that we have seen since January 2009 when obama took office.

When are we going to stand up in defense of our Constitution and take back our country?

When are we going to throw out the miserable sots who have hijacked this nation of liberty to turn us into their personal fiefdom? The senseless, egregious acts of throwing away our economic strength for useless, failed and incompetent social programs and the coup d'etat that has taken over our major industries has doomed our future as a nation of strength, liberty and freedom.

We are being put to sleep... and need to awake before it is too late.

The time for peaceful redress is passing away before our very eyes. We will very soon, perhaps this year, no longer have the opportunity for peaceful assembly such as that which King or Gandhi would advocate. Before the first term of obama ends, our streets will fill with the unburied dead of Prague, or Budapest.

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The problem is that every other nation on earth knows we have a weakling in office as the president. Could it be that as old Kruschev claimed "We will bury your grandchildren!" has come true?

In 1961, Kruschev told his generals that Kennedy was weak and inexperienced, and the Cuban missile crisis resulted as a test of JFK's political power. Look noat Iran, emboldened by the US having an yet another empty suit in office. They looked at Carter the same way and we had our embassy taken over as a a result. Now, we have another weak, ineffective president. Look at Iran's response to Reagan getting elected: the hostages were freed almost immediately after Reagan was sworn in. obama is more interested in enslaving us than he is in protecting and defending the Constititution of the United States.

My prediction, and mark it down: I predict that either the US or one of its allies will be attacked by nuclear weapons within the next 2.5 years, more than likely with a device smuggled across our borders or through one of our ports.

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I saw a public record of the documents obama furnished regarding his status as an american. Two of the IDs he furnished were counterfeits, and two others didn't even belong to him. This was after his ascent to the presidency. Where else in American history have we had a man seal his own public records from the public?

The bigger question is: who is obama the front for? The SDS/ The Chicago Weather Underground? Who?

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I believe that the Chinese end-game is the same as the way we took down the Soviet Union in the 1990s: have us spend ourselves to death, and when we are bankrupt, we will be the toothless tiger that China has always said we would be.

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Why is it that we keep walking around the issue of obama's lack of eligibility to even be president? Never in the history of this country have we had such a charlatan pretend to office before?

Were's the outrage?

Where's the public call to have congress investigsate before the public the issue of obama's citizenship eligibility?

We have only ourselves to blame.

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There is not a country on earth that has had such a horrific economic reversal and draw-down of its military that has been able to project its power sufficiently to stop an aggressor such as North Korea: it didn't stop them in 1950, and we had similar political and economic conditions following WWII. Expect more posturing from North Korea, if not a military move against South Korea in the next 30-60 days.

China won't be of any use to stem North Korea's aggression: who knows what political bill of goods nancy pelosi sold in China during her "escape the cameras and questions " trip there following the CIA debacle.

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I think that in bho has looked into his (or wee willie clinton's) playbook under North Korea, where the next step is "Use harsh frigging language."

It's time we got a real president. I hope that we can get a president like Sarah Palin into office before nuclear war breaks in the mIddle east. Otherwise, let's hope that if one of Russia's old nuke or diesel subs operated by North Korea launches an attack on us that the first salvo takes out Washington DC while this congress is in session.

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I have been shocked very few times but recently, when janet politano made her pronouncement that white veterans or active duty military personnel who oppose abortion, are Christians, oppose open borders, etc, etc, are targets for recruitment by right-wing extremist groups, I was truly astounded. Not two weeks went by when obama announced that he would nominate politano for the seat being vacated soon on the Supreme Court. Judging politano by her hatred of Second Amendment rights and her rabid fear of not being able to control gun owners, I was equally shocked by the news and fear that we face mayhem at the hands of a police state in the near future.

You're right, This is totalitarianism,

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If it is time to bury weapons, it's too late to bury them.

While laws may vary between states, I believe that the experience of gun owners in the southeast during Hurricane Katrina, where many gun owners had to surrender their weapons at gunpoint, may have been a test for weapon confiscation to be used on a regional level. I really don't know. I am certain though, that here in CA, any weapons that cannot be found in an individual's house could result in a gun owner being arrested until all the weapons are recovered.

The solution might lie in the fact that several states are tired of being pushed around, especially where the federal government has been throwing its weight around, such as Montana. Utah and Texas. There are rumors that Kentucky might follow suit as well. The bottom line is that these states might be the place to live when the government decides to take our weapons out of our cold, dead fingers.

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