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The Conservatives that were meeting has every right to be there; they were holding a peaceful meeting. Van Jones had called up his Communist people to do whatever they wanted to disrupt any Tea Party / Conservative meetings. By what right do these Communists hold law abiding citizens hostage in the convention center? What right do these Communists have assaulting and pushing down elderly people? The Tea Party group has a right to be certain of police protection, instead the police allowed this to happen. The police allowed these cretons to push down two elderly women. As an elderly lady myself, I can tell you that because of bone disease, a fall is something that will cause a break in my hips or back or arms. If it were me, I would sue the police for NOT protecting me, and for allowing a situation that put me in this much harms way. Arrests should have been made the minute the so-called "protestors" blocked the doors and held people hostage in the building.

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I would like to know whose name that woman circled about getting underage abortions? Also would like to know if PP ever recommended that butchering "doctor" that murdered babies with scissors. Go Lila, find out for us please.

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There is more to this story then has been revealed; the White House and Agriculture Dept knows something that hasn't been made public yet. As slow as they are to react to other situations regarding 'racism' it seems they jumped pretty quick on this. People in the know, need to keep on digging to get to the bottom of the whole story, instead of acting so quick to forgive and forget what the NAACP is all about. Notice, NAACP had the entire clip and also jumped on the dog pile against Sherrod? Whether or not she saw the light, her entire speech was racist against white people, just describing how a poor white farmer when to her for help and supposedly 'talked down to' her, shows that the farmer was prejudged just because he was white. The only thing she did to 'help' this man was 'take him to one of his own kind' for legal help. She did not help him financially did she? His farm was no doubt saved because of the legal system not anything the Ag did for him.

By the way, nobody, and I mean NOBODY said anything about Jesse Jackson Jr attempting to bait the Tea Party people at the rally where it was claimed there were racial slurs. Why hasn't that been covered???? Jackson Jr and the Black Caucus led by Nancy Piglosi, attempted to bait the Tea Party people, laughing at them and getting in their faces. The Tea Party people did not take his bait because they are NOT racist.

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All Conservative politicians need to start their political ads right now...they need to do what Obama did to get elected, minus the lies of course. They should start these ads immediately, showing what is in Congress right now, how these so called upholders of the Constitution made fun of the people in America that protested, went to tea parties, went to Washington, etc. They need to show videos of how these people treated the American people, their disdain and scorn for the very people they work for. If you or I treated our boss that way, we'd all be unemployed. They need to get the conservatives and independents in the Country riled up and keep them angry until November 2010 elections. To hell with the msm, the unions, and all the lazy trolls. Once they are in office, they need to start bringing up laws to reverse this attrocity of health care reform and cap and tax. They also need to bring charges against the Congressmen that scammed money, got bought off with our dollars, and fix what the dems have broken this past three years. They need to sign the Pledge to the American people. They should not wait on the garbage in Congress to start their ads.

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Can Congressmen be impeached for not reading and upholding the Constitution? Too bad a class action lawsuit can't be brought against individual Congressmen for impeachment. They all supposedly swore an oath to do just that, uphold and protect the Constitution; however, one of them said 'most of what we do is NOT Constitutional' and laughed about that. What they are doing is not Constitutional and it is treasonous. Surely, there are lawyers and people with enough money to fight these guys and their unconstitutional laws. That is the problem I think, there are too many people like me that are retired and have limited incomes.

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Excellent link Cowboy, tyvm...wish Glenn Beck read his emails from me, would be a great link for him to read and hopefully, broadcast on his program so all of America could see what and who other Countries blame for the Obama problems.

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Well, I got disgusted years ago when all you saw was skin, sex, perversion, etc., it didn't matter what the movie or story-line was, these things made their way into the movie. I loved John Wayne and stars from his generation. They would sooner take a bullet then to ditz this great Country of ours. I have not for years understood why all movies had to cover in close detail sex. In the old days, everybody knew what heading for the bedroom meant, they didn't have to see it in detail. I would love to see the so-called 'stars' all go bankrupt, as bankrupt as their morals. Everyday it seems one of them come out with something they think is cute, such as Brad Pitt saying he didn't believe in God. I can never look at him the same again. These people are just poisoning their own wells.

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Of the Democrats that voted nay on not giving Acorn any Federal funding, I wonder how many are in there because of Acorn??? Also, noticed Bawny Fwank didn't vote. Now he is somebody that SHOULD be investigated, especially since he led the Dems the 1st vote around on this. Those two kids did this Country a great service, one that cannot be denied. Now to get SEIU and the other Acorn connections.

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I personally would dearly love for Sarah to be in Wash DC in Sept when tea parties are gathering there. If she were to go, and it were advertised in advance, say all through August, I'll just betcha' it would exceed the so-called million man march. Because she is so polarizing and the MSM can't leave her alone, this would be great press for these tea parties. Just being selfish.

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Well, folks should go see some of what Jackie Mason has to say about Piglosi, the Dems (Liberals), and Palin. Gotta love this guy: