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One should never assume that Obama is wrong in his thinking or his planning. He is not a fool. Obama hates America almost as much as he hates Israel. He is a radical Muslim with a hatred as deep as any of those who hijacked the airliners on 9/11/01.

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If I were Barry, I'd want to strangle Rahm Emanuel for saying, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." I'll bet Rahm isn't saying that anymore.

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It really reassures me that we have such an experienced community organizer at the helm while navigating these troubled waters.

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I've seen the copy of the Kenyan birth certificate on WorldNetDaily. It looks genuine to me. I think Obama got some 'splaining to do.

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That is such a shame. We have some friends who moved to Gary a few years ago. They were back here less than a year later. Your story reminds me of when there have been riots in our inner cities, and blacks were burning down their own businesses, and those of other black people. How silly is that? I mean, what would drive a group of people to engage in such acts of destruction - and self-destruction? This world is spinning out of control.

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The more I hear about the incident involving Professor Gates and the "acted stupidly" remark, the more irate I get. I'd like to put it to Gates this way: a burglar is seen breaking into his house and the neighbors call 911. The police respond and are met at the door by the burglar, who tells them he is the homeowner. The police take his word for it and leave. The man then ransacks Gates' house and steals a bunch of his valuables. When Gates gets home he calls the police to report the crime. The police tell him about the 911 call and say that they didn't want to cause a racial incident because the man who said he was the homeowner happened to be black. They didn't want to appear to be profiling. You know what would happen next - Gates would start screaming "Rascism!" because the police didn't do enough to protect the property of a black man. It seems the police are in a no-win situation here, with a president who thinks they are stupid. The Cambridge police should just put Gates' house on a "no response" list.

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That's why I live where I do. It's about 93% white with a high percentage of residents who own guns. The few blacks who live in this city do not feel threatened. The Hmong population comprises the largest minority group, and they have adjusted quite well, as have the whites living among them. You can walk down the streets of this city at night and feel quite safe. Hmong children play on the streets and sidewalks till nightfall and have no need to fear for their safety. I have felt a greater threat from stray dogs than from people.

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The big moment was when Obama, speaking of the police response to Professor Gates' home, said the police "acted stupidly." I have read a copy of the police report, something Obama apparently hasn't done. For trying to sound knowledgeable, after admitting he didn't know much about the incident, I believe that Obama spoke "stupidly." He should stick to scripted speeches and always use a teleprompter.

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It's typical of Obama to order someone fired from his civilian job for refusing to obey an order given illegally. Major Cook's company should give him a promotion and a raise. The military should do the same for him. In fact, the Joint Chiefs should stand shoulder-to-shoulder and simply order their troops to occupy the White House until it can be proven who Obama really is. If it is proven he was born in Kenya, he should be tried as a foreign spy and all orders issued by him since Inauguration Day should be revoked. The U.S. Constitution clearly states that a person must be a native-born citizen of the U.S. in order to hold the office of President. If Obama cannot - or will not - provide proof of citizenship, the military should act as they are sworn to act, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. It's time to stop treating the Constitution like a Confederate dollar bill - interesting but worthless. Too many good men and women have died in defense of that document to simply brush it aside as outdated and meaningless.

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I'm having a terrible case of deja vu here. We have BO apologizing to the Muslim world from Cairo, and there is now rioting in the streets of Tehran over an election in which a certifiable loon has declared himself winner. And when an Iranian woman is shot down in the streets in Iran, our spineless leader, President "Jimmy" Obama, goes out for ice cream. I guess the only people the current "Jimmy" can stand up to, sort, of, are reporters who ask him about his smoking habits. How I miss Ronald Reagan.