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Well I think it is clear to everyone that you cant believe anything this administration says!! They will say whatever it takes to get there agenda passed! One more thing, everyone who is going try and talk to there local politicians just know that you cant change there minds because there minds are already made up, they will only tow the party line. The only thing you can do as a group is let them know that you disagree with the plan that is before them, do this respectfully!! The more you yell and scream and get angry the more it strengthens there resolve. Let them simply know that IF YOU VOTE FOR IT I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU!!!! If enough people tell them that simple statement it will make them think of what is most important to them which is of course there political future!! There political future trumps there agenda!!!

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With all our politicians at home and on there break this is the time to fill there day with emails and phone calls! The thing that has really caught my attention and many of you I am sure is the situation with the Presidents czars! They need to go, there are now way to many and quite a few with very shady pasts!! You cant join our military with a criminal record unless you get a waiver so how can you become a czar without some type of waiver? The scary thing is they answer to only one man, thats right the President! How is this acceptable in the worlds greatest democracy? Our country is all about checks and balances and guess what these czars do not follow those rules of checks and balances!!! Call your politicians and dont forget to mention theses czars!!!

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Why would he explain the health care plan? It has been proven by poll numbers that the more we learn about what it is all about the more people do not agree with it! Keep Fighting the Good Fight everybody!

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Thank you sir for finally throwing the politically correct way of thinking right back in her face. This should teach all politicians that just because you are talking to a minority the fact that they are a minority does not need to be injected into the point the person is trying to make. Like he said it was never about race it was about energy and thats where the debate should have stayed!! He wanted his view on energy heard not his race recognized!

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People like her make me sick!! She worked so hard for that title! How about the man she is talking to? Has she ever risked her life to get where she is? NO! She should be calling him sir and giving him the respect he has earned!! Respect is earned not given!!! Whatever respect she has earned in politics has been lost with one ignorant statement!!

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We all have heard enough evidence to know that she is not a good choice for the supreme court even by her own admission she is not the best judge. So what is the problem, this is one of the most important positions in our society! Only the best and most qualified judges should be given an opporunity to serve on this court. If it comes up that a judge has even the slightest interest in making policy from the bench they should not be given the appointment. That goes whether it is a democratic appointment or a republican one!!

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We are and always will be a nation of christians! I believe in freedom of religion but let us not forget what religious principles our country was founded on! Worship as you please but DO NOT deminish my religion in the process Mr. President! Do not bend the truth to appease other nations! We are a strong country because we are a proud country that stands for what we believe, we are not a nation that bends to ever whim of other countries. Finally we are not a country who appoligizes for our actions which have helped to make this world a better place! Learn that Mr. President and then you will finally see eye to eye with the majority of people in this nation not the minority!!!!!

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I am 33 and a service connected disabled veteran. I am glad I can finally get online and have civil debates with people who have the same views as I do. I just joined but look forward to debating or just agreeing and sharing my opinion! One thing that gives me alot of hope for our great country is that the states are starting to wake up and take control! The change we all want has to start at the state level and move up. The way I see it what we can do as individuals is be active in our local and state governments. Go to council meetings be vocal and get involved. Dont just vote for the larger offices vote for every office! The only way to bring about any change is to change who is in office from bottom to top!! It begins with the 2010 elections!!

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Good job , very slowly President Obama is realizing that leading the greatest country in the world isnt as easy as it may look!! He finally see's that he can not make everyone happy all the time!! Maybe now he will stop cutting the ONE BUDGET that he shouldnt our defense!!

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Shows what happens when someone actually verifies what the democrats say!! She joins Chris Dodd in what is going to become a long line of democrats that get caught in lies!! Could you imagine what it would be like if we didnt have Fox news and the few other media outlets that try to show both sides of politics instead of just the left side!! Now thats scary!!