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I'm waiting for the next big news issue to be dropped from the Transparent Administration...It will have to be a whopper to cover up this story.

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Let me try some logic here...
1. We the people give bailout money to banks --they charge us higher fees and give away our money to CEOs(criminal??)
2. We the people give bailout money to auto companies -- they close down dealerships and lay off workers (great for the jobless ratings????)
3. We the people are expected to pay bailout money to California because they can't figure it out themselves (hey- let Oprah, and the movie stars take care of their own business...they can afford more than we the people of SC)
4.. We the people pay higher taxes to smoke, drink - ??what?? We can't tax the Bonuses of CEO's because that would unfairly single out a certain group of people.....???confusing and not logical

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My five year old grandson can tell anyone...."If the money isn't in the piggy bank....I can't buy a new toy"...I'm just sorry that "grown up" politicians were never taught that concept.

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I know both my parents and in laws will be getting these checks. My parents in their late 60 and early 70's will use the check to pay utility bills. My in laws in their late 80 and early 90's will save it for a rainy day. So four people get stimulas checks, two spend, two don't....how much effect does this plan really have on the economy. duh..50/50 chance of his plan working....seems like a coin toss to me. I want to know how many of these checks will go directly to the pocket of nursing or assisted living homes? I think that if Mr. Obama really wanted to stimulate the economy he should have sent those checks to all the college students who voted for him...they know how to spend the money fast ( I have one of "those" in my home too)....therefore stimulating the economy with a better than 50/50 chance it would work. I wouldn't manage my budget with a 50/50 chance it would work!