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Lets see here, (71%) of the our planets surface is covered by water, 29.2 % is land.
Of that 29% humans occupy less than 1% of that area.
Of the remaining 28% about 40% is pure wilderness.
14% is true desert and 15% has desert like characteristics.
9% is Antarctica. Most of the remaining 22% are agricultural areas.
There may be other areas with a human footprint of some kind but it is insignificant in any relation to global warming.
Forests and agricultural area are usually covered by trees, plants, and grasses all of which absorb CO2 and emit O2. Man made global warming just doesn;t add up.

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This was a remake of the original series which made its debut in 1983. The story was the same and Reagan was in the white house. I don't remember any of the whining about the show that we are seeing today. Does the left not understand that Obama is NOT god?

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The word Bondage comes to mind.

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For Barack Obama.

Consider this post my presonal declaration of opposition to your health care plan and any other socialist plan that you have in mind. I will use what ever lawful means that areavailable to oppose this and any other bill that will result in the redistribution of wealth and the impediment of my personal libertys and freedoms.

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I will be there. Keep in mind that the dem.s are already labling us as right wing extremists and the drive by media is buying it. I believe the Obama administation would be low enough to transport a couple of thousand ACORN stooges posing as conservatives to rile things up. Thats how the mob does things in Chicago. Now there is a reason for martial law. Whatever happens be calm and if need be disperse. LEAVE YOUR HARDWARE at home or in the hotel. The last thing we need is an incident which the administration and the press will use to bury us. Bring you cameras and get pictures of the rabble rousers so we have some sort of evidence against them.

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The cold war never really ended, the soviets put it on hold and were waiting for the US to implode on its own. Now we have a government full of socialist and self proclaimed Communist. There was a time if you were a communist you usually got arrested

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I am glad to see these girls released from North Korea. I believe that I heard they were working for Al Gore's Television company. Did anyone else hear this? If so Why didn't Al go get them released and what were they doing there in the first place?

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A house divided cannot stand!

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no feeding the trolls please

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This is not rocket science. They want to take away our freedoms, healthcare, and what ever else they can plus tax the middle class. The democrats and a few assorted republicans think that we are stupid and will follow them like lemmings. Well we arn't stupid, we may have been lazy to let it get it as far as it did. I think most of us woke up months ago and now we are awake and really really ticked off! Wow what a suprise it must have been at alot of town hall meetings. I bet now they are scared of their jobs. It would be great to see Bawny, Nancy, Harry and the rest of them on the unemployment lines!