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An excellent post, Grumpy!

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Well spoken Mr Darby, I admire you! As you say, "We elect a Leader to lead, that’s Nick’s job, and he’s the best man to do it.", I couldn't agree more.

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Donna, I'm afraid most of them are!

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The Press - utter vermin! They are far worse than even LibLabCon politicians.

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Just what we need right now! Well done Geert! Fantastic!

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You'll find the information on

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We need the Monarchy but maybe Her Majesty should get new advisers, as she seems to be in the habit now of signing away our Country.

From Ian Davidson MP, Lab. Glasgow South West, voting record:- voted 'ambiguously' for Transparency in Parliament, 'very strongly' for ID Cards, 'strongly for' equal Gay Rights (whatever that involves), 'very strongly against' an Investigation into the Iraq War, 'very strongly for' a Smoking Ban and 'very strongly for' the Hunting Ban. In his favour, he voted 'strongly for a Stricter Asylum System and 'strongly against' more EU Integration.

From the Telegraph's MPs' Expenses File:- ... [he] paid £5,500 to a family friend for renovating his flat and then took him shooting with members of the House of Lords! He also had reclining furniture costing nearly £1,500.

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All I can say is, thank God for people like McClintock! Where are our McClintocks??? Too busy riding the gravy train to the EUSSR!

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You can tell Rompuy what you think:

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So easy to point the finger in retrospect!

... After sweeping through France and Belgium in the summer of 1944, the Allies were poised to enter the Netherlands. Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery favored a single thrust north to the River Rhine, allowing the British 2nd Army to bypass the German Siegfried Line and attack the Ruhr. To this end the Allies launched Operation Market Garden on 17 September. ... ___The Battle of Arnhem___Wikipedia.