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The radical Totalitarian monotheism that is islam demands absolute subjugation and rigorous adherance from muslims and nonmuslims (infidels) alike
it`s so much more than religion, this is a total doctrine that melds supernatural notional theological beliefs with fanatical observance..... islam tolerates no bedfellows and war is routinely declared on anything un islamic which is cool if yours is the only allah. empowering it`s blindly obediant and stupid to explode at will before reaping the bonus of 72 virgins. But more than a little dangerous if your nation is of an evolved ilk with a prevailing culture that allows polytheism. Thiscult that demands respect whilst sneering at all others, A cult derived from hatred jealousy fear and loathing of all it can`t control. A cult with the stated aims of worldwide islamic supremacy. It`s already here.

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unfortunatly those that lob up on to italian shores are still able to invoke a bogus `political asylum` claim which still gives the mobile flotsam a minumum 6 months at the expense of the Italian tax payer. It`s akin to the french `maginot` line in wwII,looks good but in effect is a useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. untill the corridors of power are routed of the insidious left that seek to poison and destroy from within,nationalistic restoration and self determination by europes indigenous people for the people is but a pipe dream. we gotta wake the people up not just to realise the dream but to prevent terminal destruction of OUR values let alone the subjugation that awaits us should we fail. power on people... M