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Will they be tested at birth and 'ELIMINATED' - perhaps with advanced technology they could be 'ELIMINATED' at prenatal... #LiberalFascistSCUM

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If it was a 'criminal matter' then guaranteed the serious fraud squad would be involved at the earliest opportunity to discredit and demonise true patriotic nationalists.

Stand your ground and issue legal proceedings for libelous defamation as wrongly accused of being a criminal without any evidence or police suspicion.

Simply another load of outrageous unsubstantiated allegations to make patriotic nationalists look bad in public while other politicians blatantly get away with robbing taxpayers blind.

Good Luck Richard

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Emma West is an English Rose

Liberal fascists are on a witch hunt and would burn 'Tram Lady' at the stake without a fair trial of her peers... it's called online Mob Rule.

Who made them Judge Jury and Executioner

We fought a hard battle to win our freedoms under the Magna Carta and protection of Habeas Corpus 'Innocent until proven guilty'...

To disregard these fundamental liberties would be a return to an arbitrary dictatorship where speaking your mind becomes a crime.

These liberal fascists think it's perfectly acceptable to oppress freedom of speech if they don't like what they're hearing... they use extreme threats of violence and incite racial hatred to repress any opposition against their ludicrous ideology.

This form of bullying has become intolerable in our civilised society and people are starting to resent being treated like door mats...

It's about time we stood our ground and proved a point - that opposing the imposition of mass immigration is NOT 'Racism' and we have the right to voice our opinions without fear of persecution.

So now release Emma West and reunite her family over Christmas - otherwise her adorable little children are going to be completely heartbroken without a loving mother who cares deeply about their future...

FREE Emma West... because she is not a criminal - but is a victim of politically incorrect multiculturalism.

We patriotic nationalists must unite in strength to resist this liberal fascist tyranny or be trampled underfoot... our choice.

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Sounds more like something the enemy Searchlight would fabricate - but they are very quiet lately... no point wasting their creative energy attacking us at the moment - when they've got so called 'Nationalists' doing their dirty work... ponces would sell their sole to globalists.

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I've said it before "It's not our government" it's Her Majesty's - we only vote for them to entertain the Queen like on 'Britain's Got Talent'...

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Is that your wishful thinking or delussions of granduer..?!?

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Police officers who execute their duty upholding the law to serve and protect members of the public deserve our utmost respect - but those who abuse fascist draconian powers to harrass members of the public in order to please their political masters are nothing more than gestapo in a nazi state.

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In such a divided nation we're going to be needed more than ever before in the harsh times ahead... as the redundant indigenous working class have been abandoned in betrayal for an emerging third world order that is making us all much poorer.

We must show a united opposition as a formidable alternative to save our beloved country - so let's continue moving forward together and spread our message of hope... because we're the only chance there is for a brighter tomorrow.

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I've said it many times before... lib-lab-con will spread poverty like the bubonic plague in their pursuit of a multicultural utopia in the emerging Third World Order - where limited resources have to be shared with billions more hungry consumers as their economies are westernised through globalisation... and the elite don't care how impoverished we all become - because they'll always be rich

The unrest will start with fuel strikes and escalate into food riots as western civilisation is buried under a mountain of indebtedness...

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The wait is agonising CC... :-(