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I'll be spreading the cause through word of mouth. the best way.

We'll see how we do in the general election. Winning is out of the question, but we don't need to win and become the main party, we just need to get 1-2 MP's in and become a major major major party in the UK and therefore force the news to include us in political debates (like the one on tv tonight),

Its good to see heroes that fought for our country all that time ago to once again stand up for what this country is, We've come to a critical point in our history. We need to fight for this country, not physically, but fight for this countrys very soul. If its a cause worth fighting for then its a cause worth dying for. Let that be our credo

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I'm actually listening to a song right now that now I think of it is suprisingly similar to the UKs decline.

"Its a slow fade, A price will be paid when you give yourself away" (Kindof represents how the old UK has been replaced slowly and thats what we get for selling ourselves and giving in to the will of these people.

I don't like the sound of a mosque for the sake of 300 people, but i'm sure that it'll soon turn into 1500 or so with the way this immigration system works

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I wonder if George has a computer hehe, My grandfather who was 85 didn't ever own one.

Happy Birthday George none the less

The BNP just reminded me of Jesus, Feeding his hungry followers with bread and fish. It does remind me of a miracle, a miracle of human kindness in these dark times

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Those pigs in parliment must be shaking from the ammount of fear they have in them at the moment. Well... unless the tories decide they want to steal our campaign mottos from us. I hope its copyrighted.

Bring our troops home, We're wasting British lives in this war.

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Yeah! The BNP is the only party that would never be caught stealing from the British people.

Tory pig, I hope he enjoys the rest of the money whilst he can, its going to be taken back sometime

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I don't understand his reasoning, How is allowing the same ammount of immigrants in as the Brits that leave a good idea? I mean you see quite a few Muslim families with 4-5 children, So they're going to expand the "British" population by quite a bit

I knew this all along though, LibRaCon have all been wanting this for years

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“BNP supporters call on Nick Griffin to quit as leader.”
I remember that story, I used it as an argument in a recent discussion about the BNP saying how the liberal elite parties have tried to make the BNP look more like theirs, to which I then said that the article was utter rubbish as I've never seen fighting for power within the BNP

I knew there were alot of stories about the BNP that were false, but 200-300 articles, nearly all are anti BNP propaganda, never thought it was that bad

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I'm a Plasterer/Labourer currently. This is utter rubbish, I can't believe with all of the unemployed workers out there they're going to give these jobs to foreigners, hell my boss is struggling for the first time in 20 years apparantly

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A possible jail sentance? I'm sure they'll try but its pure facism.

Trevor Phillips needs to learn to stay out of politics and let the country decide what it wants!

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Very noble of the pensioners to donate towards the cause.
I'm hoping that others within the BNP notice their dedication to the country and decide to follow their example, of course the BNP are getting donations towards the goal but the more they get the better they can campaign, especially in this important year.

I must add that its remarkable to see our telephone operators taking such interest in the welfare of our elderly, especially since they seem to have been left to rot by Liblabcon.