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At the risk of sounding like a complete sycophant, this is one of your most lucid postings yet. Although I have your blog in my 'favourites' list, and invariably agree with everything you say, it's not too often that I find myself specifically going to the trouble of logging in merely to express my admiration, but on this occasion your missive summed up the hyprocrisy of our establishment with such veracity that it simply had to be commended. Not for the first time, I salute you!

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There was a fairly level piece about this problem on the BBC news site - unusual in that it makes no small mention of the Muslim connection and even quotes a Muslim spokesman confirming that Muslims males do seem to be the main perpetrators. Of course, as can be expected, there's also the obligatory quote from a self-loathing liberal trying to play down the Muslim side of this despicable vice - but then, this is the BBC!

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Hi Simon

Nick's interview here (about 2.40 in)

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Why would we want to pay Trinity Mirror advertising money anyway?

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Desperation, desperation, desperation. These people never run out of ways to bolster their flagging support. When Jack Charlton was building the Republic of Ireland football team he found so many ways around the regulations that it was often joked that you only had to have a mate who drinks Guinness to qualify for the team. I never thought that a similar 'trick' would be pulled for a British general election, but now it has I'm hardly surprised!

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Why the need for a ‘pact’ is what I’d like to know. If the Tories wanted to help Labour by not standing a candidate then all they need do is not stand a candidate – no deal needed! It is, therefore, logical to assume that there was some form of quid pro quo tabled, but what could that be? If the Tories didn’t ask for something in return then that only confirms that the pair of them really are two sides of the same coin. To be honest, I hope the Tories don’t stand a candidate. It’s Labour and Hodge that the people hate, so the fewer alternatives to Hodge will simply strengthen Nick Griffin's hand!

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That piece near the end, about people demanding a government response to a problem only if they 'find out' something's wrong, reminded me of a scene from 'Yes Minister'. Jim Hacker mentioned to Sir Humphrey about the 'public outrage' over government waste, to which Humphrey replied to the effect "No, Prime Minister. It's not the waste that outrages them, it's the being told about it." Absolutely true, of course. Joe Public doesn't investigate for himself, he only ever knows what the MSM tell him. If the government can control what the press tell him, then there's a clear advantage for the government in doing that.

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Every square inch of the UK is, or rather was until the beginning of this month, owned by 'The Crown'. Nobody in this country 'owns' their house, they only have greater rights over 'their' piece of land, and any property on it, than someone else. Ultimately it is 'owned' by The Crown who can, if they so wish, take it off you with a compulsory purchase order anytime they choose. Now, of course, that right has been transferred to Brussels!

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Don't worry - some mealy-mouthed liberal will soon put us all straight. These statistics have come up before and the liberals always say that it's because we only apply western standards of behaviour when assessing people of different race and culture. You see, they're very good at disputing science when it doesn't arrive at the conclusions they want. They do the same for global warming when real statistics disprove their beloved 'man-made' version of it!

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Do these people go out of their way to give us a boost? Try as I might, I can't bring myself to believe that the likes of Phillips are that stupid, which leads me to conclude that there are forces higher than him that are sympathetic to our cause and abusing his 'political fervour' as a weapon in our favour. Still, what should I care? Either by stupidity or design these people keep feeding us ammo and the sort of publicity you just couldn't buy. I mean, an advert like that for us in Marxism Today - priceless!