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Winston Churchills response to Emma West.......................

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Nice Odin, Nice,
thats the best bit of sense ive heard for ages

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Ubi Dubium ibi Libertas

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G.A. please put this fantastic video up on your site,i have watched it 4 times in a row and am now going back to watch it again and again and again.

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That is fantastic news CC i really hope you can get Brian and Albert on board,try for John Harris too if you can but i think hes still busy writing his book.

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Well said Donna these are the REAL TRUTHS i talk of

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I think this will be a good move for the british resistance until people find the truth they will forever be conned!

Ubi Dubium Ibi Libertas

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I have often thought that Alex Jones needs to be told about the bnp,he frequently has farage and other ukippers on talking about britain, climate change etc.Alex bigs them up big time and then calls the like of glenn beck in the usa for flip flopping and being devious.
Someone please tell Alex Jones that all the ukippers are the same as his glenn becks. they are just not true patriots.If Alex Jones sees this and starts talking about the BNP,doing interviews with the BNP then this will go out to millions,probably doubling our membership overnight and a new army of thousands of followers.These truthers out there have had to basically remove all ideas of everything they have ever been taught/told and learn the REAL TRUTH so overcoming the bs of the media and news.This is where they will learn the REAL TRUTH about the BNP.Not only will this be a fantastic boost for the BNP but can you imagine the uproar and choas as the uaf/searchlight/hopenothate brigade realise their followers are changing sides in there droves.

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Too true Tony,
If you think that from the bottom of alan turing way (longsight) all the way up to the top (Cheetham Hill) including recently the massive influx in the middle (Eastlands)Manchester is quickly becoming overrun with immigrants of every nature.I for 1 am getting out of here ive well n truely had enough of this and the disgraceful Manchester city council.Notice too how all the buildings,the true landmarks of manchester are being destroyed daily and new things put in their place.This destruction is so we wont recognise the place we used to call home and will therefore accept the immigrants as part of our fantastic new city.Great British Bullshit at its best.