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We're an Army of Breitbarts.

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NOT FAIR! My condolences and prayers to his family, wife & children and all of us who know and love him. "Breitbart you're my hero!"

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Governor Perry would make a great President by implementing the success that Texas has had , including a PART TIME FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, but I'm also happy to have him stay right here. Texas is like a whole other country. It was once...who knows, maybe it will be again.

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We need to take out an entire Wolf Pack, as Radical Islam seems to be growing a lot of these "lone wolves".

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Anyone who thinks these kinds of people are "Lone Wolves" are MORONS to say the least. Nidal Hassan - wasn't he declared as someone who acted alone? Oh, and later we learned he got instructions from Al Awlaki. At the risk of stating the ridiculously obvious, they're ALL "Lone Wolves" out of the same Pack called Radical Islam.

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Once upon a time, there was a "crook" named Nixon who got in trouble with a few of his friends. Now, there's HUNDREDS OF NIXONS & THOUSANDS OF THEIR CRONIES who are robbing Americans blind.
I highly recommend Mr. Schweizer's book. I opened it, couldn't put it down and finished it in three days.

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Seems we "Bitter Clingers" know phony when we see it and might just have a little contempt of our own. :)

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Spot on, as always Dana. The double standard continues because The Left hold themselves to a lower standard. Mrs. Obozo deserved it. Why she was even there is beyond me. After all, this was a huge crowd of bitter clingers, right?

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"The most honest and transparent Congress in history" ~ Nancy Pelosi, 2006.